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Doodling differently

One of the hottest products of the very hot 3D printing marketplace is the 3Doodler.

One reason is that this handheld 3D “printer” is very affordable – you can now own a 3D printer for under $100 (the 3Doodler goes for $99.99).

OK, it’s not really a 3D printer, but in many ways, the 3Doodler is more interesting, or at least differently interesting, in that it allows you to draw three dimensionally …

3Doodler 3D printing pen

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Modifying the Gigante adds stability

I want to talk more about what I’m doing with the printers artistically, but I suspect there is also some interest in the printers themselves.

The Cerberus 3D Gigante 3D printer can print pieces 4-1/2 feet tall.I know this because I’m asked often about this machine or that one; there are many different approaches to this technology and even more companies making printers. I love that there are also plans out there that people are using to make their own 3D printers – the Cerberus printers are all open source. It’s reminds me of the early days of computers when people would build their own configurations.

Eventually things will stabilize, of course. Certain designs will win out over others – and not necessarily because their technology is better (RIP Betamax) – as will certain manufacturers. Right now, though, it’s moving so fast it is definitely the wild west.

So the fact that Steve Graber and I have made modifications to his huge Gigante printer is not a surprise ….

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