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Three 3D printers running – for a while, anyway

Spirit of the Senses is an organization that introduces its members to contemporary arts and issues in a series of salonsI’ve had people over to see my three 3D printers – sometimes running, sometimes just sitting there – but recently I held my first real 3D printing event

There’s a group in the Phoenix metropolitan area called Spirit of the Senses that has, for more than 30 years, shared fascinating aspects of science, art, music, healthcare, politics and more with its members.

So it’s no surprise that they are curious about 3D printing! We were expecting more than 60 people to crowd into my house, so we thought we’d get all three of my 3D printers running …..

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Easy out

It’d been a while since I’d printed a large sculpture on my Cerberus 3D Gigante 3D printer, and I had a new design I wanted to try. So I sliced the file in KISSlicer, transferred the file to the printer, and started the print.

Beginning of printing sculpture Easy In - Kevin Caron

And so it begins ….

I’ve been avoiding really large prints – this 3D printer can create pieces as tall as 4-1/2 feet – because of the angst of printing for days on end. Glance, for instance, took five days of printing over a tortured 11 day period.

Steve Graber and I have made a lot of upgrades to the printer since then, though, so I had reason to be hopeful that this print would be peaceful and productive …..

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