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The right tool: 3D printing jewelry

Kevin Caron's 3D printed BackFlip earrings in red resin - jewelry

My BackFlip earrings, in red resin

I’ve always liked jewelry.

Not for me, but for my wife. She loves to tell people that I had her favorite jewelry store on speed dial (That’s true. Too bad they went out of business.)

But let’s face it: good jewelry is really just tiny sculpture, so the form and look is as much interesting to me as any sculpture.

So when I got into 3D printing, I began thinking, “Why not take some of my favorite sculpture designs and shrink them to make jewelry myself?”

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Bits and pieces: using 3D printing filament ends ….

3D printing filament - Kevin CaronI read an article that contended that one of the advantages of 3D printing was that it saves resources. ROFLMAO!

That article was clearly written by someone who has never used a 3D printer.

Sure, if you have tweaked everything to perfection or are very fortunate, you have no waste. But the truth is that there’s a lot of wasted filament in failed prints. There are also stub ends – the little bits of filament left over that aren’t of much use in a print ……

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3D printing 2025

“Artists imagine the future. Engineers build it.”

Star Trek introduced the communicator, which we now call cell phones.Last November a visitor to the Hidden In The Hills art studio tour made this point, and I think he’s right. Star Trek proves it, and now that we are presented with this amazing technology of 3D printing, artists are part of the phalanx of people pushing this magic to new places.

Talk about magic! This recent advance  reported by  will revolutionize electronics. Who’d have thought of 3D printing cellulose like ink to conduct electricity. Our world is about to change in ways we cannot now possibly imagine.

That being said, I was sitting around with some friends the other night, discussing how 3D printing will have influenced our world in just 10 years ….

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