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Warts and all: 3D printing flaws part of the beauty

As a sculptor, I embrace beauty.

Love and Marriage - a 3D printed contemporary art sculpture by Kevin CaronI’m not one of those difficult artists or even one who uses my work to communicate political or social positions. (That’s fine, BTW, but it’s not what I do.) Instead, I want people to be moved by the visual or tactile impact of my work.

That being said, I don’t think things have to look “perfect.” I like imperfections and unexpected eventualities and often embrace them in my work. That makes the apparently nearly inevitable vagaries of 3D printing my own work part of the discovery of making art for me.

Such happy accidents are definitely evident in my latest 3D printed sculpture, Love and Marriage ….

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Metal or resin? 3D printing multiplies options

She, a 3D printed sculpture by Kevin CaronI’m a sculptor by trade.  For years, I’ve been making sculptures in metal, mostly steel, but also occasionally aluminum, copper or brass.

For the last half-dozen years, I’ve used CAD (Computer Aided Design) to create designs, especially commissions, which I would – and still do – drop into location images so people can see what a sculpture will look like in place. So when I learned about 3D printing, it was an easier leap for me than for people who didn’t already know CAD.

I still work in metal – in fact, that’s pretty much still my day job – and usually work on 3D printing at night and on weekends. Sometimes, though, it’s an interesting challenge whether to make a sculpture in metal or in resin, or both …..

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