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3D printing for art? Whodathunk …

http://www.addwii.comI’ve gotten two emails recently that suggest that 3D printing is entering the mainstream – at least for artists.

I’m not sure what prompted these contacts, although I suspect the senders did a search for “artists” and “3D printing.”

If so, it’s nice to know my name came up.

Of course, both of them were trying to sell me something, but the biggest message to me is that 3D printing is becoming a hot topic for artists ….

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Tinkering and tweaking: 3D printers today

3D printed prototype failure - Kevin CaronWhen 3D printers were first developed, they were called “rapid prototypers.” (As we’ve discussed before, “rapid” is relative.) In addition to creating original sculpture (you can see my latest here), I do use my 3D printers for protyping.

Sometimes a prospective customer just can’t visualize a piece, and sometimes I just want to see how a form comes together or balances before I either create a full-scale 3D printed sculpture or a metal version.

For prototypes, I usually use my Cerberus 3D 250, which is a desktop 3D printer. Lately, though, it’s been starting to print fine, then stops extruding before the print is done ….

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