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The sounds of creation: listening to 3D printers

sound wavesOne of the many things I didn’t anticipate about 3D printing is its accompanying sounds. I don’t know what I expected, but I probably hadn’t even thought about the fact that the machines would, well, sing.

It reminds me of the popular sounds of whales many years ago – no one expected them, either.

Now that I’ve been running three different 3D printers for a while, I’m starting to recognize some nuances. For instance, each machine seems to have its own sounds, and the sounds change depending upon what I’m printing ….

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Day and night: what I’ve learned about 3D printing

When you work on something for a while, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. You know: it’s that old frog in the pot metaphor, except the outcome is sometimes – as in this case – positive.

Change happens, even if it seems like it didn’t.

I’m getting a good reminder of that right now as I recreate a project I did about 10 months ago that apparently didn’t end as well as I’d hoped ….

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