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The CubeX is dead; long live the 400

My first 3D printer was a 3D Systems CubeX. I found out about it through the company that makes Alibre, the CAD software I use most often. I figured, “If they recommend this machine, it must work well with Alibre.”

3D Systems Cubex 3D printer

It took several months to get the machine, and I jumped right into using it. Although it could supposedly print in three colors, I never mastered that. I did, though, get a lot of use out of the CubeX, especially using ABS filament ….

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Filament follies

There are so many variables to juggle when using a 3D printer – temperature, design, workplace cleanliness – but few are as frustrating as filament problems.

Although I use ABS filament in my CubeX printer, lately I have been using PLA almost exclusively in my Cerberus 3D 250 and Gigante. The 250 uses 1.75 millimeter filament, while the Gigante uses 3 millimeter.

Yes, that means I have spools of both inhouse – open any closet right now, and you see spools stacked high. That’s especially true of the 3 millimeter because the Gigante sucks down filament like a hungry pasta lover inhales spaghetti. I now have a policy that, if I’m doing a large print, I must have a minimum of three five-pound spools to make sure I have enough filament from the same batch.

But that’s not the biggest problem with filament …. This is supposed to be 3 mm filament - Kevin Caron

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