My 3D printer heads to the hospital

I STILL haven’t been able to enjoy my upgrades because one of the motors decided to not count all the steps. It counts them one way, but not the other.

Three hundred bucks later, the new motor doesn’t want to work. It could be firmware, or … who knows!

Accordingly, mad scientist Steve Graber took my Cerberus 3D Gigante, which he built, to his own shop where he has all the right tools and the number for tech support.

While this mystery still doesn’t have a conclusion, I hope you enjoy watching them carry this huge printer out the door ….

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  1. Good news! The printer is back up and running, thanks to Steve Graber – and a new motor. After 6 weeks of being down, it’s great to be back to printing! I was able to finish Ruby, my 47″ tall deconstructed sculpture, and a new one, called Flicker. Check ’em out on my Website at and

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