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3D printing jewelry adds color & and complexity

BackFlip 3D printed earrings - Kevin CaronOne of the many things 3D printing has allowed me to do is make jewelry.

I’ve always loved jewelry – my wife likes to brag that I had her favorite jewelry store on my speed dial (which is true) – but I could never work that small in metal.

But suddenly, with 3D printing, I am able to create beautiful jewelry – and open a whole new side of my business.

Some of my designs are smaller reproductions of large sculptures – more on that in a moment – while others are original designs for the jewelry that I just may create in full-size metal sculptures someday.

Like most things, though, creating a jewelry line is not as simple as it may seem, and certainly not as simple as I thought it’d be!

For instance, none of my three 3D printers is able to print in small enough resolution to reproduce my designs as earrings or necklaces. There are other aspects of the learning curve to create jewelry, too ….

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The right tool: 3D printing jewelry

Kevin Caron's 3D printed BackFlip earrings in red resin - jewelry

My BackFlip earrings, in red resin

I’ve always liked jewelry.

Not for me, but for my wife. She loves to tell people that I had her favorite jewelry store on speed dial (That’s true. Too bad they went out of business.)

But let’s face it: good jewelry is really just tiny sculpture, so the form and look is as much interesting to me as any sculpture.

So when I got into 3D printing, I began thinking, “Why not take some of my favorite sculpture designs and shrink them to make jewelry myself?”

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