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Using a 3D printer to refine a design

Creating isn’t always a one-shot process.

When I first conceived my 3D filament sizing set up, the bent piece of metal through which the filament ran to ensure there were no lumps that could jam the 3D printer seemed a simple yet elegant solution.

After using it for a while – and catching my coat on it, as you’ll hear about in the video – I realized there was a better way ….

This video explains what I came up with and how I used my 3D printer to create, then refine the design:

Boys Just Gotta Have Fun

Thingiverse homepageYeah, girls have to have fun, but so do boys!

If you’re a regular reader, you know that not everything I make on my 3D printers is a sculpture. Every now and then, I make a part or something we need around the house, and I have plenty more of those kind of projects to work on.

Recently. though, I’ve also been playing with some designs from Thingiverse.

If you’re not familiar with Makerbot’s huge community of makers, members have uploaded more than 564,000 3D models and are adding more every day.

The cool thing is that you can upload your own designs as well as download whatever you want.

I like to browse Thingiverse like I browse for new books to read, and one day I found some intriguing designs that I couldn’t wait to play with ….


Of all the designs I found there, the geared cubes and spheres really caught my eye. Well, really, it’s my brother-in-law Bill‘s fault – he’s the one who got me hooked on 3D printing, in part because he sent me a geared cube. Once I found the geared cube, then I also found a geared sphere.

These are really cool designs – I give huge credit to the designers.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. I enlarged the designs and also began adding stripes to them. The stripes are super cool when you start twisting the cubes because they then make their own designs.

So here, for your entertainment, are some videos showing me playing with these giant geared toys:

A geared sphere …. #3Dprinted #3dprinting

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Filament follies

There are so many variables to juggle when using a 3D printer – temperature, design, workplace cleanliness – but few are as frustrating as filament problems.

Although I use ABS filament in my CubeX printer, lately I have been using PLA almost exclusively in my Cerberus 3D 250 and Gigante. The 250 uses 1.75 millimeter filament, while the Gigante uses 3 millimeter.

Yes, that means I have spools of both inhouse – open any closet right now, and you see spools stacked high. That’s especially true of the 3 millimeter because the Gigante sucks down filament like a hungry pasta lover inhales spaghetti. I now have a policy that, if I’m doing a large print, I must have a minimum of three five-pound spools to make sure I have enough filament from the same batch.

But that’s not the biggest problem with filament …. This is supposed to be 3 mm filament - Kevin Caron

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