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Turning up the heat

Turning up the heat - 3D printing blog post, Kevin CaronIn these “Model T” days of 3D printing, which we will someday look back at fondly once everything is figured out, I spend more time than you might think tweaking, replacing, fixing things to make my printers work better.

You’ve read about a number of these changes, especially on my 8-foot-tall Cerberus 3D Gigante 3D printer, which Steve Graber made after I asked him, “Can you make a really big 3D printer?”

I wrote in a previous post about trying to create a heated bed on this monster, with its 34″ print tray. Well, the heating pads just weren’t cutting it, so I came up with an entirely different solution and this time – I’m knocking on wood right now – I think I’ve figured it out ….

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