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Try, try again with 3D printing

I just can’t help myself.

3D printed Farkle board - Kevin CaronSometimes I just get an idea in my head, and I have to follow it through. Fortunately, 3D printing makes that easy. (Well, easier.)

In this case, it’s that Farkle board that I have come up with yet another design for. The one at the right was my first attempt, which came out pretty well. The black field you see, though, is cloth I added later. That means having to cut it exactly right to fit and gluing it in without dripping glue on the PLA board itself.

Being around or using something always helps me understand it better, or see a better way to design or use it. (That’s why I like to bring home my sculptures – living with them helps give me a new perspective and, I hope, appreciation for them.)

My buddy from the service and his wife were in town recently, so we had a rousing couple of games of the dice game Farkle, whereupon a new design popped into my mind ….

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Reality check

A small container - Kevin CaronI’ve been playing with the CubeX and the Cerberus 3D 250 for a while and decided to take on a little project with Cerberus 3D’s Gigante deltabot printer.

I designed a hexagonal bin with swirling sections around the outside using Geomagic. I used the “shell” command, thinking it would give me a relatively slim container with the swirl embedded on the sides.


I still have a lot to learn about using CAD, translating through Kisslicer and into the printer …..

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3D printing starts with CAD

One of the reasons I was able to get involved with 3D printing so quickly was that I was already using CAD software. Computer Aided Design software allows you to create an .STL file, which creates an item in 3 dimensions and is the file from which a 3D printer works.

I started using Alibre software about five or six years ago because, honestly, I can’t draw. Yes, I know that’s weird, because I’m an artist, but I’m a sculptor. I can think in 3 dimensions, but drawing is, at best, a challenge for me.

I picked Alibre because it was free. I could download a trial version and play with it, which I did. A lot. I spent many hours just dinking around with it.

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