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This piece has sold. Kevin would be glad to create something for you in the same spirit. Please contact us.

Michael DiGiacomo and Janet Green
Phoenix, Arizona

72" x 22" x 29"
In addition to having a tantalizing moniker, this innocent-looking windchime (which, as opposed to a bell, rings by the wind blowing the bell itself, as in this case, or a windcatcher, rather than being struck) sports a truly remarkable property.

She rings sweetly on and on and on and - well, you get the idea - with the sound first quieting, then increasing, before it eventually quiets again. Kevin admits freely that she developed this remarkable property entirely on her own, but he has now examined her with a mirror to determine how this phenomenon may have come about.

Now that she's complete, she also has claimed her name: Persymphone. It comes in part from the Greek goddess Persephone, who, after being rescued from Hades, spent six months of each year on Earth and six in the underworld.

This charming bell?s ring has a similar split existence, ringing sweetly for awhile, then getting louder and ringing anew.


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