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Tuned 'Tails

This piece has sold. Kevin would be glad to create something for you in the same spirit. Please contact us.

Jean and Craig Baker
Phoenix, Arizona

steel, brass
35" x 8" x 8"
created 2006

A swinging door threatening a floor-to-ceiling window prompted Jean and Craig Baker to seek a beautiful solution to their dilemma. Because the window and glass-framed door faced their beautifully landscaped backyard, something attractive would add to the scene.

Kevin's answer is Tuned 'Tails, a piece inspired by another artist's beautiful, free-standing sculpture, to which Kevin's small "pond" of brass with a gaggle of brass cattails is a tribute. One of the 'tails sits atop a U-shaped piece that swings over to fit neatly around the door when it's open.

When it's not acting as a handle, that cattail joins its compatriots, and they make lovely music together. It's a gentle tinkling sound - not at all like breaking glass! - that adds to the special atmosphere in the Baker's beautiful backyard.

For more information, please contact us.