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  * Awakening as an Artist
  * How to Move Your Hands When TIG Welding
  * How to Work Alone: Using Jigs for Welding

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"I love your humor, perfect common sense, and excellent range of topics."
--Bill, Massachusetts

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"Let's make some sparks!"

Kevin calls upon a broad breadth of knowledge to create his fine art and home and garden sculptures.

Artist Kevin CaronHis experiences as a foreign-auto mechanic and in the U.S. Navy, where he repaired air support equipment, introduced him to innumerable fabrication tools and metal working and welding techniques. His curiosity and need to create physically what he conceives in his mind has led to his evolution as a contemporary artist.

Here you'll find lots of how-to videos in which he explains how he uses his welders - TIG, MIG and oxygen-acetylene - as well as a wide variety of tools - including an air hammer, English wheel, slip roll, plasma cutter, hydraulic pipe bender, metal lathe and mill - and techniques such as bending and shaping, and cutting and grinding, to create, transport and install his sculpture and public art.

Join Kevin in his studio by clicking on categories on the left.

If you'd like to see a how-to video on any specific technique or tool, please contact us.

If you have any questions about who Kevin's sponsors are, please visit the Disclosure Policy page.

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My Latest Video...

Announcing our Contest Winners!
Announcing our Contest Winners!
May 23, 2018

Kevin knows viewers have had a whole lot of fun with this contest. He sure has, reading all of their replies. But now the contest has come to an end. We have our 3 winners!

But first, let's go back to the letters.

Kevin is really surprised he only had to give you 1 clue. He first saw this phrase in a bar outside of Denver many years ago, and there were 3 more letters at the end. Kevin fell for it. He walked up to the bar and asked, "What does that mean?"

The bartender replied, "Do you have a quarter?" Kevin fished in his pocket and pulled out a quarter and handed it to the barkeep, who said, "Thank you; your curiosity has just cost you a quarter for the jukebox."

Kevin left off the last 3 letters in his studio because he doesn't have a jukebox and, well, he ran out of room.

Now to announce the winners!

Second place, for the Kevin Caron T-shirt, goes to Justin Farrow. He got the closest without getting it right by submitting: "Thank you; your curiosity just cost you another quarter."

Third place, for the Kevin Caron mug, goes to 1R083rt, who submitted the funniest phrase: "This year your child has cost you a Quinceanera." Kevin Caron doesn't know why, but it just cracked him up.

These winners get to pick out the T-shirt and coffee cup they want from Kevin's store at .

And now, drumroll please ....

The winner of the Everlast PowerARC 140ST is Melvin Lane. That welder will be heading his way soon.

To all of the winners, congratulations! Everyone else, thanks so much for playing!

Winners, here's how to claim your prize: call or email WITHIN 24 HOURS 602-952-8767 or Any prizes not claimed within that period will go to the second person in each case.

This contest is dedicated to Peter Baynes.

Now you have time to check out Kevin's artwork, but you might want to stick around for another moment to see Kevin try out his Espanol .....