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People say a lot of nice things about Kevin's work. If you'd like to add your two cents - or stop by and see his work so you can - please email us at or call 602-952-8767. Thanks.

"We loved it all - so creative! We truly enjoyed everything and keep discussing our favorite pieces!"
    --Alison Hamlet, Phoenix AZ

"Your work is incredible! I love how you make a very tough material and mold it like clay."
    --Marc Doyon, Westbrook, Maine

"Caron's love for sensual shapes helps him mold his beautiful metal sculptures."
    --Kellie Huang, The Arizona Republic

"Your videos are a godsend. Your means of delivery, concise and well-thought-out manner of speaking is so inspirational and easily retainable that I am comfortable trying anything at this point. Any time I have a question for welding, I check if you have a video on it."
    --Justin, New Hampshire

"G'Day from Down Under. I'd just like to say thank you for the work you do on your Web site and YouTube. It is invaluable for all of us. You are an absolute legend and an inspiration for all metal fabricators and artist around the globe!"
    --Alex Prakhiy, Pacific Laser Arts, Taren Point, Australia

"I absolutely LOVE your videos. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to post those. I am completely sure you have helped hundreds, if not more. I love your humor, perfect common sense, and excellent range of topics. I wish I was just a BIT as talented as you! And your lovely assistant makes me laugh!"
    --Bill, Massachusetts

"Your videos are great. I especially like that you share your how to approach to your own discovery process. You take art and the process seriously but do not take yourself too seriously. Great website!! Great art!"
    --David Searl, artist/architect, Weatherford, Texas

""Beautiful work, Kevin. If you could pare down an Escher painting to an
elegant nugget, [Knot Me] would be it. Also I'm a sucker for any work that tempts
my mind to shift between negative and positive area. Kudos, my friend!""

    --Lee Adams, Nashville, Tennessee, artist

"I found your videos while doing research on welding. I am an artist working in painted media but also working on car and motorcycle projects. I always wanted to learn how to weld in order to make the parts needed to complete my projects. Your approach to welding and fabrication spoke to me as a creative person. You have a huge hands-on and learned technical skill in welding, but your approach is so practical and intuitive. You take the technical and apply the creative spirit. You share your knowledge and passion in a way that inspires me to now want to get out and learn some new skills. The videos are very practical and helpful, from setting up a shop, learning about tools and equipment to the instructional, how to stuff. Thanks so much. Keep up the great work."
    --Paul Kirley, 2D artist, Sonoma, California,

" Wild SwissYour pieces are very beautiful and full of life. I especially liked the yellow cheese sculpture."
    --Elaine Goldman, Vice-President, Phoenix Art Museum Contemporary Forum

"Kevin is a great craftsman, and I think he understands that sculpture is about rhythm and movement. ?. He has an intellectual engagement, a sense of making the sculpture work, rather than just welding things together. He's using the principles of design that have been time-honored through art history."
    --Michael Stack, Professor of Art, Pima Community College East Campus, Tucson, Arizona

"What a wonderful [photo gallery] you have created so we will all be able to share in the project as it is created. I also want to compliment you on your presentation to the Avondale Arts Committee last week. Your caring and compassion for the work that you are doing shines through when you are talking about it. We are fortunate to be working with you on this project."
    --Beverly Moore, Member, Avondale, Arizona, Municipal Arts Committee

"Your work is so creative. From the first piece I saw (at Rancho Santa Fe School) I have been a big fan. It will make us all proud that we will have one of your sculptures in the center of "Old Avondale". I am hoping that we will be able to continue to work with you for years to come and that even future Art Committees will recognize the aesthetics of your work."
    --Beverly Moore, Member, Avondale, Arizona, Municipal Arts Committee

" Street UrchinI was drawn to [Street Urchin] first as a sculpture because I found it visually compelling but its added musical feature making this piece amusing to pluck is particularly appealing. It's better than a stress ball! I enjoy interacting with it from time to time on my desk in the gallery. So often we view pieces in museums and galleries which we want to touch but are prohibited. I find the "please touch" museums for children to be wonderfully stimulating but as adults we haven't lost the urge to explore. Kevin's work allows us to explore like a child in an adult venue - how great is that!"
    --Lynn Dunham, Executive Director, GoodConscience Gallery 848, Southampton, New York

"We are very happy with our fountain. It looks awesome and fits into the landscape
around it very well."

    --Kim Mettenbrink, Park Planner, City of Temple, Parks and Leisure Services

"In creating Vortex for our limited space, Kevin came up with an amazing design. I'm getting such a kick out of looking at it from my morning coffee spot in the kitchen. It makes me smile and sets the tone for the rest of the day. With or without the water running, we just love it! I'm looking forward to enjoying it even more from the great outdoors when the weather begins to cooperate."
    --Fran Reich, Scottsdale, Arizona

"This has been such a fun process. The neighbors are quite intrigued, and we've had so many complements on [Ahwatukee Falls]. It's great to have such a unique piece right there in the front as you walk up to the house."
    --Roxanne Heiden, Ahwatukee, Arizona

"Kevin is as imaginative as he is talented."
    --Michael Larsen, Larsen & Pomada Literary Agency, San Francisco, California

" BackFlipWow, what a showstopper. The lines and the color of BackFlip could not have been more perfect. You go, Kevin!"
    --Karen Leff, realtor, Phoenix, Arizona

"You really did create a great piece in BackFlip, one that is very unique. I really enjoyed helping you out however I could and look forward to working with you in the future."
    --Angela Tana, Phoenix, Arizona, designer (who chose BackFlip's color)

"Mustang Sally is fantastic! Kevin did a masterful job and created a 'fun' piece of art! The reaction of those that have seen it: an immediate smile!"
    --Ken Marquis, founder, Landfill Art Project and gallery owner for 36 years, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

"What incredibly beautiful work! I want it all. I am always drawn to motion, so the
kinetic and water sculptures are particularly appealing."

    --Lynne Donnelly, CST, EFT-Adv,

"You are too clever! [After Escher] is fantastic."
    --Tim Carter,

" After EscherI just watched the After Escher video. Amazing. What a wonderful artist!"
    --Phil McLean, Boulder, Colorado

"Wow! Your work is OUTSTANDING!"
    --Racheal Anilyse, publisher, Underground Art School Magazine

"Kevin's devotion to good craftsmanship combined with his amazing imagination has added immeasurably to the sensory experience of our students and other visitors. Regardless of their disabilities, students invariably ring [Full Gallop] when they come and leave the facility, providing them with a physical experience that they tailor to their own pleasures, whether it's a resounding whack or a varied series of sounds. Somehow Kevin tapped into something that none of us knew was there to be explored.

"While the bell was entirely his idea, we had wanted a rendition of a sword in the stone for many years. Kevin took the initiative to get the rock donated, purchase the sword, and engineer the piece's creation. Much to our surprise and delight, it is often the mothers of students who take particular delight in pulling the sword free.

"Kevin's contributions to Camelot go far beyond these two pieces, but they underscore his ability to assess needs and answer them in creative and inclusive ways."

    --Eileen Szychowski, Founder, Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc. Scottsdale, Arizona

"Kevin did a fantastic job on Cruisin'. I presented him with a huge challenge as I wanted the door to do everything but walk the dogs. He listened and worked with me during the design process, figuring out ways to meet my unusual requests. He managed the technical challenges and designed a really fun door and hand railings that incorporates our love of bicycling! I was kept informed at all stages of the process and could even watch our door and railings being built on the Web site. The installation went smoothly and the door fit perfectly. We have had many positive comments on the door as no one has ever seen anything like it before!

    --Duffie Silver, Flagstaff, Arizona

" RustDevilI am so impressed that you continue to create new and fascinating pieces, Kevin. I'm tickled by 'Tuned Tails and I love Rust Devil, a visual and aural delight. While I know you are a master, I continue to see growth in your work. It must be very rewarding to continue to find inspiration."
    --Gwen Henson, Tempe, Arizona

"I just saw the 'Hands On' photo gallery, and I am awed at the work Kevin has done! It's one thing to see the finished product but being able to see how it was built is amazing."
    --Sharon Martin, artist, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Kevin has some amazing pieces - the water feature sculptures manage to be vibrant yet somehow restful at the same time, a continuing stream of visual intrigue."
    --Jim Veihdeffer, writer/editor, Phoenix, Arizona

"Kevin's giant, steel caterpillar, [Munch], is the first piece of art guests see when they enter our home. First they're taken aback. 'You've got a prehistoric-sized caterpillar up there on your arch!' Then, they praise it for its grace, cleverness and originality. It's definitely the show stopper in our home, despite the fact that it has lots of competition! Thanks, Kevin, for your virtuosity. Munch is just perfect for us!"
    --Linda and Lou Lewis, PebbleCreek, Goodyear, Arizona

"[Flow] is so beautiful. It is amazing to have a real piece of rock instead of that ugly 'fake' rock that fountains are built out of these days.

I am so glad I discovered Kevin's work online. What a wonderful piece of art. I am so proud of her."

    --Anita Rockett, Rockett Advertising executive, El Paso, Texas

" FlowerShowerIt's still a wonder to me that Kevin was able to create something that addresses what I was looking for based on a brief conversation. It's tactile, relaxing to listen to, and my sighted friends tell me it's beautiful as well. It makes it that much more special because it was made for me."
    --Denise Thompson, Founder and Executive Director, Creating Community Inclusion, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

"I checked out the vine fence on the Web site. It is both simple and intricate and incredibly beautiful! It must be so fulfilling to create such strength and beauty."
    --Ann McCommas, Director, AIM Motivational Seminars, Tempe, Arizona

"We were struck by Steelhead the first time we saw it. Architecturally, visually and functionally, it fit beautifully in a very special place in our home and collection."
    --R.W. Butler, Paradise Valley, Arizona

"I love my Shitake Agave - it is perfect! On my first daylight look, a bright red cardinal (rare in my yard!) flew right over and perched on it! Thank you, thank you! By the way, I couldn't bear to put my caterpillar outside - he lives on my hearth!"
    --Sam Kathryn Campana, Vice President and Executive Director, Audubon Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona

"Your work is an inspiration to me. I so enjoy your creativity and your skills and the way you have built the site with so many links and information and videos. You could spend hours there learning and discovering. But let?s not forget your sculpture and projects. Wow, how cool! Someday I?ll retire from the railroad and build a shop and create, too."
    --David S. Ludlow, Executive Director, Wilmington & Western Railroad, Wilmington, Delaware

"I really love that amazing Hands On sculpture. I feel very lucky to have had the chance seeing the early stage of making it in Kevin's studio. I hope to see it being displayed in that perfect spot some day when I come back to Arizona! "
    --Lan Griffin, artist, Boston, Massachusetts

" Bronco Brand BirchI think [the Bronco Brand Birch] is absolutely beautiful, and the best part is, it didn't cost the city anything, not even a committee meeting. It's our first piece of public art."
    --Betty Lynch, City Council Member, Avondale, Arizona

"Kevin's work is so incredible! I was thrilled to see his creations. I love the look of steel as art, and outdoors, it just weathers so beautifully. And I love that he incorporates sound into his art."
    --Amy Cooper, Landscape Designer, Amy Cooper Designs, Phoenix, Arizona

"I checked out Kevin's Web site, and it knocked my socks off! He's doing beautiful work."
    --Lauren DeVuyst, contemporary crafts collector, Racine, Wisconsin

"We just love [Isadora]. We had a few folks over for a BBQ on Saturday, and she was the star of the show. She simply anchors the backyard. She is also so very, very happy. You can't help but smile when you see her. So thank you again. And again."
    --Wendy White Ring, Scottsdale, Arizona

"BackFlip is sensational! And the red is a dazzling touch. I love seeing Kevin's imagination become tangible. "
    --Beth Murfee, Washington DC

"I like his work. It is honest and earthy."
    --Diane Keefe, author of Daily Lifelines for Teens & Preteens, St. Louis, Missouri

"We absolutely love our fountain! It really completes the back yard, and even the inside of the house, since the sound carries into the house, which is in an 'L' around it. Of course, I've relocated my chair for optimum effect and viewing pleasure. As I mentioned at the beginning of our interest, the goal of the makeover of our yard was to open it up, and lift the eyes upward to the big, open sky from our smallish, California yard. Following Convolution's lines definitely completes that effect, from anywhere in the yard or house. A lesser sculpture would have fallen short. Thanks again for everything. We couldn't be more happy with Convolution."
    --Eric Bohm, Walnut Creek, California

" TenacityWe love the vine fence. Beautiful, creative, one of a kind - like Kevin himself!"
    --Beth Murfee and Dino DeConcini, Washington, DC

"Kevin's work is always inspiring to me, as a fellow sculptor. I admire Kevin's attention to detail and the imagination that flows through his works. I've become a Kevin Caron groupie. I can't get enough, and I can't wait to see his next design."
    --Chuck Girard, Girard Custom Creations, Phoenix, Arizona

"I love Quenched! Well, I love everything, but that sink is WOW!"
    --Jean Baker, Phoenix, Arizona

"We have been looking for a number of years for the 'right' lawn ornament, and finally found it in the West.

Our place is in northwest suburban Chicago.... The piece has found a very good home, and it will be seen in acres of beauty all around."

    --Owner, Strike, Barrington Hills, Illinois

"The first day the kids came back to school it was raining. The [Mighty Owl Oak] looked so beautiful.... Many children were standing around it, even in the rain, trying to find their leaves.

"Every time I go by the tree there are children, parents or teachers standing around it. It is wonderful to see the kids bring their parents into the school to see the tree and their leaf. Some classes have wanted their picture taken in front of it for the yearbook."

    --Lisa Pavlet, project coordinator, Litchfield Elementary School PTSA

"We saw [Dripping Springs] at the Fairmont in Scottsdale on our holiday, and it was love at first sight. We would love to have one in our garden.... Whether we can afford one or not, we think you are very talented and [the fountain] is truly a thing of beauty which we really enjoyed."
    --Barbara Esam, Dulwich, London, England

" The Steel StandardKevin's work has such a special spirit. The fountain he made for my backyard garden fits perfectly, and it always washes away my troubles at the end of a long day."
    --Karen Nestor, Caterer, Just Great Food, Phoenix, Arizona

"Tack Rack is very useful and creative, and everyone comments on it! It is absolutely perfect for the farm. We use it everyday for hats, scarves and coats. I can tell you put your heart into it."
    --Deborah Dawn Shain, Lebanon, Ohio

"Many of them have never had the opportunity to swing a bat or hit something as hard as they want. Full Gallop lets them do just that."
    --Eileen Szychowski, Founder, Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc. Scottsdale, Arizona

"Your growth continues to amaze and excite me."
    --Sandra Aska, artist, Columbus, Ohio

"Your movies are SO delightful. I'm eagerly awaiting seeing the whole tree with hands ... great idea!"
    --Sue Ransohoff, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Some great work! Love the new stuff!"
    --Mike Shubic, Your Marketing Coach, Gold Canyon, Arizona

"Kevin should be wearing a Merlin hat as he?s making real magic that just blows my mind!"
    --Crosby!, multimedia designer, Phoenix, Arizona

"Kevin's sculptures are quite striking. I love how he captures both geometric shapes and the fluidity and asymmetry of nature. Some of them made me smile due to their humour (e.g. Wild Swiss), others due to their sheer beauty (e.g. Three Suns), and I know some would capture me for hours if I saw them in their real setting (e.g. Orbits)."
    --Sara Adams, proprietor of Happy Folding, Oxford, U.K.