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Sculptor Kevin Caron is always up to something. You can catch up with him in a number of ways ....
Or KEEP UP WITH KEVIN HERE WITH THIS NEWS ...Camelback Studio Tour - Kevin Caron

From Friday, November 1 through Sunday, November 3, the crowds and excitement grew for the 11th annual Camelback Studio Tour.

People enjoyed Kevin's new "cubist" 3D-printed sculpture as well as Jill Friedberg's distinctive mixed media work and Laura Mesirow's unusual seed bead and wrapped wire jewelry.

"It was really exciting to see how the artists' work complemented each other," says Kevin. "We had lots of amazing comments, and are glad to see several sculptures as well as jewelry head home with patrons!"

Kevin and the tour also got some great press ....

Channel 3's Jess Parsons interviews Kevin Caron for the Camelback Studio TourIN THE NEWS: TV COVERAGE OF TOUR COMPLEMENTS PRINT ARTICLES
In addition to several profiles about him, Kevin filled the metro Phoenix airwaves in the last few weeks to promote the 11th annual Camelback Studio Tour.

Channel 10's Tom Fergus interviewed Kevin and Lynn Gustafson, a glass artist and organizer of the tour, in Kevin's 3D-printing studio, which is in his home, and Channel 7's Brad Perry gave morning viewers a peek of the tour with Kevin and Lynn. Then on Saturday, November 2 during the event, Channel 3's Jess Parsons interviewed them again at Kevin's home studio. That coverage appeared live at 7 a.m., then at 9 a.m. and in the evening as well as on Channel 3's associate Channel 5. "A number of people saw the segments and came by," says Kevin. "Each interview was fun, too!"

In September, Arizona Foothills Magazine tagged Kevin as a trendsetter, interviewing him for a fun profile. Check it out in Trendsetter to Know: Kevin Caron".

Also in September, Kevin was also interviewed by Phil La Duke for a Q&A in Authority Magazine: "From Avocation To Vocation: How I Turned My Hobby Into A Career" With Artist Kevin Caron.

July provided a trifecta of press coverage for Kevin. Saatchi Online, the highly respected online art consultancy, chose Kevin's work for two of its collections, first "Desert Inspired" and then "Garden Sculptures."

"Interestingly enough," says Kevin, "they picked the same sculpture for both collections! And the piece sold!" Check it out for yourself by clicking on the names of the collections above.

El Paso Museum of Art, site of Codasummit 2019 - Kevin CaronCODASUMMIT ART, TECHNOLOGY & PLACE GATHERING FOCUSES ON TECHNOLOGY
Kevin shared his adventures with 3D printing large-format sculpture at the CODAsummit Art, Technology & Place conference October 2 - 4 at the El Paso, Texas, Museum of Art.

A number of presentations focused on large data-driven light and technology displays. "This is a totally different way to use technology," says Kevin.

He also learned more about using robots to carve sculptures. This would allow him to create some of the sculptures he has created in CAD ("Computer Aided Software") that would be difficult if not impossible to create in metal. Says Kevin: "This is really exciting to me!"

What does 3D printing have to do with art? Kevin shares his adventures with this new technology in his blog, "A Sculptor Takes on 3D Printing."

After cascading - and probably unrelated - problems, "mad scientist" Steve Graber takes Kevin's 8-foot-tall 3D printer to his shop to get it running again. See them wrestle this beast out the door in Kevin's latest 3D blog post. (Good news: the printer is now back up and running!)

Weeping Tree, close up of trunk of this contemporary art kinetic sculpture - Kevin CaronNEW IN THE STUDIO
Kevin has completed and installed Kevin's largest sound sculpture to date, Fisher Five. Not even the remnants of Hurricane Lorena could stop Kevin from installing this commissioned sound sculpture. "It was cold and rainy, but we pulled it off!" says Kevin, who beat a deadline to delight the patrons who were returning to the Valley this week. See a beautiful photo of this sound sculpture on its own page.

To the east, his recent 3D-printed commission for a Cincinnati, Ohio, couple, Morphosis, has arrived and the patrons are, in their own words, "thrilled." The sculpture, which incorporates both Kevin's more "traditional" approach to large-format 3D printing and his new more organic look, is named in honor of its transitional "story" with the title referencing the process of metamorphosis. "It took several attempts to get the piece to look just the way I wanted," says Kevin, "but it was worth it!" See Morphosis on its own page.

Meanwhile, Kevin is now hard at work on the fifth and final branch (left) of a commission for a sculpture and horticultural garden in New York titled Weeping Tree. "As I add more branches it gets trickier," he admits. "They all need to come out of the trunk gracefully - and securely!" Twenty painted spinning flowers will hang from the sculpture's five branches. See some the flowers on Weeping Tree's own Webpage.

Ice Princess, a 3D printed fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronWhile his time in his metal studio has been dominated by Weeping Tree and Fisher Five, Kevin has also been busy with 3D printing.

Kevin continues to investigate his exciting discovery that creates organic feeling, cubist 3D-printed sculpture. "I'm excited about the organic look," says Kevin.

The official photo of Looking In gives you a full view of beautiful this new approach is. People have said it looks like ice, glass, a fish skeleton, quartz, hoarfrost and even jellyfish. See the sculpture Looking In on its own Webpage.

Kevin has created several new sculptures using this technique including Ruby, which is 46" tall. See Ruby in a temporary photo on its own page.

To get an idea of how it will look, check out Ruby's maquette, which has a base, on its own page. "Creating a maquette, or model, often helps me with proportion and viability," says Kevin. "In this case, I did make changes to proportions for the large version based on the maquette. Prototyping is one of the great uses of 3D printing."

He's also created a smaller sculpture, Ice Princess (right). "Some of the areas are a single layer thick," observes Kevin, "giving this sculpture amazing translucency." See a larger temporary photo of Ice Princess on its own page.

Other new 3D-printed sculptures include Copperhead. "I've gotten a great response to it on social media," says Kevin. Many new sculptures can be seen Friday, November 1 - Sunday, November 3 at the Camelback Studio Tour.

Keep up with what Kevin's up to in the studio by visiting the Work in progress section of the Web site.

Kevin shares secrets for hanging heavy items successfully in his latest video. Check it out!

Kevin's latest newsletter is now available in the Newsletter section. You'll read exclusive news not available anywhere else - enjoy!

There's plenty to see here on, from hundreds of videos, to newsletters, to the center of everything: Kevin's artwork.

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