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May - June 2008


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Commissions and other creations, awards, and finding your center are all part of this issue.

Front of home for latest Kevin Caron commission
Kevin will be creating a sculpture for the front of this hillside Phoenix home

In the Studio...

Kevin hasn't been idle. While the Chandler Arts Commission decides which one of Kevin's designs it wants for the city's $12.6 million Tumbleweed Recreation Center (they've narrowed it to two), he's been working on several other projects. "It's always nice to have a mix of commissions and my own creations to work on," Kevin muses.

Two new commissions will grace a remarkable Phoenix hillside home. One will be placed inside, near its front entrance, and the other will be placed in front of its impressive facade. The 46-inch tall inside piece will be made of stainless steel.

The seven-foot-tall outdoor piece offered the challenge of creating a piece that will look good from the street without blocking the incredible view of the Valley of the Sun from inside. "I think the design fulfills these goals beautifully," says Kevin.

CrissCross, by Kevin Caron
Kevin with CrissCross at her fitting

Meanwhile, the commission CrissCross, a sculpture that will grace the wall of another Phoenix home, is nearly completed. She's at the powder coater to get a rust-resistant covering. Afterward, she may get a little additional color here and there.

CrissCross isn't all vines and leaves, however - can you spot the little visitor? (Click on the photo to get a close up!) You can see more of this piece on the In the Works page or see Kevin working on it at YouTube's Channel Kevin by clicking here.

Also away getting his raiment is the piece Wild Swiss (formerly known as Cheese). "I'm really happy with the way it turned out so far," says Kevin.

Now that Kevin has done his shaping and welding on the sculpture, he's sent Wild Swiss to get his final duds. Keep an eye on the In the Works page on the site to see how he turns out! This piece beautifully captures Kevin's whimsical perspective on the world.

Ciuffo, a sculpture in the works, by Kevin Caron
Ciuffo rises

Last but far from least is another piece that comes entirely from Kevin's, well, twisted mind. Ciuffo ("wisp" in Italian) is a fanciful sculpture that swirls upward, as if lifted by a playful breeze.

"This one has just grown," Kevin observes. "I look forward to seeing how the top of it comes to life." You can watch, too, on the In the Works page, as well as see Kevin working on Ciuffo at Channel Kevin at YouTube by clicking here.

Ciuffo and Wild Swiss are just some of the pieces that will likely end up in Kevin's fall show. Don't worry! You'll be the first to know when we have a date set!

In the Field ...

Kevin was pleased to discover that the Arizona Artists Guild has awarded him juried member status. Founded in 1928, AAG is one of the oldest arts organizations in Arizona. "It is always nice to be recognized, especially by peers," Kevin says.

On the Web ...

This week's episode of Channel Kevin
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Every week, we post another episode of Channel Kevin on YouTube, which is especially fun for those of you who enjoy seeing what Kevin is up to this week.

Like his email newsletter, the video clips are short, yet they give you a chance to see Kevin at work and hear him talk about what he's doing. The latest episode shows him using a plasma cutter to create part of the stainless steel commission for the beautiful Phoenix hillside home.

It's easy to keep up - you can subscribe so you'll know whenever there's a new video. "This is a fun way to connect with people," says Kevin. Just go to Channel Kevin to learn more.


So often, people see something in Kevin's arsenal and say - well, you know. "What's That?" focuses on a subject that is dear to many peoples' hearts: tools.

Finding Your Center

This isn't about meditation or yoga, but the simple act of finding the middle of a measurement.

A self-centering tape
A self-centering tape

This tool may be simple, but it's an incredible boon when you're working on a project for which you need to find a center point. It comes in handy for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers as well as artists.

The top numbers on the tape are just like a regular tape measure, but on the bottom of the metal strip is exactly half of that number. It saves a lot of time, especially when you aren't working with whole numbers. For example, half of 28" is easy, but what's half of 28-5/16"? Without any fancy moving parts, this tool tells you immediately and accurately.

This tool is worth every cent (which isn't much - it retails at Amazon for under $7, and you probably can find one at your local hardware store for about the same price).

To get your own Lufkin L525SCT Self-Centering Tape Rule without leaving your desk, click here.

If you'd like to know more about a specific tool, let us know - we might have an answer. Email us at


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