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            January - February 2009


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In this issue, we share news about upcoming and recent events, what's going on at the studio and reveal one of Kevin's most versatile and yet simple tools.Read on!

Wild Swiss, a sculpture by Kevin Caron
Wild Swiss to find a new home at the CF auction

Events Enliven Winter Spirits

Kevin has two events coming up with Contemporary Forum, a special interest group of the Phoenix Art Museum. Later this month, Wild Swiss will be auctioned as part of the Contemporary Forum Art Auction 2009. "We are delighted," says Contemporary Forum's Elaine Goldman. Other artists whose work has been sold through the auction include Eric Fischl, Christo and Roy Lichtenstein.

Contemporary Forum members will also drop by for a studio visit on March 16. "I'm looking forward to sharing more about my work with the members of the Forum," Kevin says. The visit will also feature the wines of Pillsbury Wine Company. Its 100% Arizona Rhone variety wines are served at Pizzeria Bianco, Quiessence, J&G Steakhouse and Enchantment Resort, among many other fine restaurants, and its Roan Red received a 93 rating from wine columnist Mark Tarbell.

For more information about the auction and Contemporary Forum, visit

Loaded, A kinetic sculpture by Kevin Caron
Loaded, a kinetic sculpture

The day after the Contemporary Forum auction, Kevin will be attending the artists reception for the Glendale (Arizona) 46th Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibit. Kevin's piece Loaded is in the show. The event is Sunday, February 22, from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Fruit Packing House Gallery at historic Sahuaro Ranch Park. For more information, call 623-939-8424.

Speaking of good times, the Spirit of the Senses salon, held January 3, was indeed delightful. About 35 members of Spirit of the Senses gathered to hear architect Kristine Woolsey and Kevin share their respective approaches to design. The event was held at Kevin's home, which Kristine designed. "The parallels - and diversions - were fascinating," Kevin says. Attendees seemed to enjoy it, too, asking lots of questions about the processes.

Spirit of the Senses is a Phoenix-based arts and culture organization that provides a forum for creative dialogue and artistic expression in the Phoenix and New York areas. Architect and professor Kristine Woolsey's Woolsey Studio has designed hundreds of restaurants, multi-family public areas, museums, community centers and residences.

Studio Work Includes New Pieces ... and Work on Studio

Since the last issue of MUSeINGS Kevin has completed a fascinating functional sculpture, begun a public piece and made some improvements to the studio itself.

RainDrop, an architectural detail by Kevin Caron

RainDrop, a functional sculpture

His latest private commission is an intriguing piece called RainDrop, which is designed to carry rainwater from the client's roof, over a patio, and into a retention basin on the front "lawn" where the water nurtures fruit trees. "I enjoyed not only the challenge of creating a sculpture that works, but one that looks good while doing it," Kevin observes. He also enjoyed working with the folks at Life's A Garden, a sustainable, edible landscaping firm, that commissioned the architectural detail.

Click here to see photos and movies of RainDrop working.

Ya Gotta Hand It To Him

All Hands On ... steel

Lately Kevin's been largely focused on Hands On, the public art sculpture for the city of Avondale, Arizona. The sculpture will be installed in Sernas Plaza, near the new Sam Garcia Western Avenue Library. "We're having a lot of fun with this project," says Kevin. "The 'hand' puns are flying fast and furious."

Click here to see movies and a photo gallery of the project. "The photo gallery helps Avondale residents, many of whom provided outlines of their own hands for the project, to watch the sculpture grow," Kevin explains.

Amidst the creative work is some practical construction as Kevin makes additional improvements to his studio. With the help of super handyman Michael DiGiacomo of Copper State Maintenance, Kevin has enlarged the tool room - adding a wide metal door, which he'll sometimes use as a palette - a west wall, which actually includes a door and window, and is adding shelves in the office. See photos of the work by clicking here.

Welders, Welders Everywhere

MIG, TIG, Arc - why are there so many types of welders? In his latest video, Kevin clarifies the difference between them in a short sweet explanation. Check it out at


So often, people see something in Kevin's arsenal and say - well, you know. "What's That?" focuses on a subject that is dear to many peoples' hearts: tools...

Hold It Right There

One of Kevin's strengths is his familiarity with and willingness to use tools and techniques from many disciplines. Some of his knowledge stems from his dozen years running a foreign car repair garage. And this edition's tool comes from that period.

A hood holder
A hood holder

Called a hood holder, the device is an adjustable, telescoping pole that can be used to hold, well, pretty much anything. (As you might have already guessed, it's intended use is to hold car hoods up when the vehicle's own hood holder is missing or unreliable. And the last thing you want is a hood falling on your head!)

Kevin uses the hood holder for all sorts of things, most recently to hold up RainDrop's descending troughs as he added them. In fact, you can see the hood holder in use in the first movie (video) on RainDrop's page

Kevin's hood holder is probably 30 years old, but it's still going strong, probably because it's a simple mechanical tool that uses springs and levers. "They're the best kind," Kevin says. "Tools like this can last pretty much forever if you take care of them."

Just like he takes care of it, the hood holder takes care of Kevin, whenever he needs it.

To get your own hood holder, click here.

If you'd like to know more about a specific tool, let us know - we might have an answer. Email us at


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