The dedication for Kevin's monumental sculpture is set; he creates new sculptures in metal and resin, and adds new videos ....
MUSeINGS - News From Artist Kevin Caron
June 2015
As usual, there's a lot going on: Now news ....

Wherever You Go, There You Are shown in a rendering in front of Whitaker Center for Science and the ArtsWherever You Go, There You Are, Kevin's monumental never-ending sculpture, will be installed and dedicated the last week of July in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in front of Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, its new owner.

A rendering (left) shows how the sculpture will look after installation.

After crossing the country on a flatbed semi, the sculpture and its pedestal, which was commissioned by Whitaker Center, will be delivered and installed on Wednesday, July 28. "This needs to happen like clockwork," says Kevin. "We are working hard now to make sure that happens."

The dedication will be held on Friday, July 30, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. "This is the moment we are waiting for," he adds.

You can find more information about this and other events in the Events Calendar below and on the Events page.

MUSeINGS Survey, - Kevin CaronWHAT DO YOU THINK?

For many years, MUSeINGS has been sharing with you ideas about sculpture and the creative process as well as techniques and technologies used to create it.

To serve you better, we'd like to hear from you. Your answers to this brief survey - which takes less than 5 minutes! - will enable us to focus more on issues relevant to you.

Thank you so much for participating. Here's the link:


So much for a sleepy summer. "It's great to have all this show activity at this time of year," says Kevin. His sculptures are being displayed in three shows this month:

"Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes"
This juried show in downtown Phoenix's legendary First Studio includes the work of well-known and emerging artists in the Phoenix area, including Kimberly Harris, Frank Ybarra, Penny Benjamin, Tracey Jenkins, Daren Brubaker and Anthony Eslick, who are exhibiting watercolors, mixed media, acrylic and monoprints. Kevin's sculptures Hot Lips, CounterSprung and Street Urchin also are featured in the show.

Low Orbit, a fine art sculpture by Kevin CaronThe show also is open during the day because First Studio (which is best known as the recording studio for Phoenix's beloved "Wallace and Ladmo" children's television show) also houses a number of businesses. There are also special evening events on June 19th, July 17th, August 7th, and the closing reception on August 28th. First Studio is located at 631 N. 1st Ave.

"Southwestern Invitational"
This venerable show, which opened in Yuma and travels to five other Arizona venues through 2015 and into 2016, is slated to open at Surprise's Art HQ on Friday, June 12 and runs through Friday, July 24. Kevin's sculpture Cyclone is included in this exhibit. A project of the West Valley Arts Council, Art HQ is located at 16126 N. Civic Center Plaza. Summer hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

"Art Comes Alive"
This lively juried event at ADC Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, features the work of artists from around the United States. It opens Monday, June 20 with an awards ceremony and gala and runs through Friday, July 24. The gallery is open daily, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Kevin's sculpture Low Orbit (above, right), from his Gordian Accordian series, will be on display. ADC Gallery is located at 310 Culvert St. 5th Floor.

More events are detailed below, and they are always listed on the Web site's Events page.


Kevin's jewelry line is expanding.

BackFlip earrings by sculptor Kevin CaronIn addition to some new styles, Kevin is pleased that his line will be carried by Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona. "Vision Gallery has been carrying and selling my sculpture for some years now, so it seems natural for them to sell my jewelry, too," says Kevin. "They already have really wonderful jewelry there, and they understand my vision and aesthetic."

The gallery will offer a full complement of Kevin's 3D-printed jewelry, including earrings and necklaces in resin, silver and brass in the full range of designs. "We're excited that the gallery will carry all five designs: Mobius, BackFlip, Torus, Sand Dollar and Campfire," says Jewelry Project Manager Bonnie Lou Coleman.

Among the earrings will be the new offerings BackFlip in resin and the Sand Dollar necklace. "I got a 'Nice earrings!' comment from a passerby in a restaurant the other day," says Business Manager Mary Westheimer, who was wearing the striking red BackFlip earrings (left). "People really love the look and the color."

You can see all the jewelry designs on the Web site and order directly by contacting us at or 602-952-8767.


Knot Me, a contemporary art sculpture by Kevin CaronWith the sound sculpture commission Sound Tree completed and installed in its new home in Illinois, Kevin turned his attention to Ryder Ripples, a fountain for a Massachusetts couple. It is currently at the powder coater, getting a beautiful blue gray finish. See it prior to going for its coating.

He also just completed the rebirth of his sculpture Knot Me (right) "This sculpture was talking to me," says Kevin. By reorienting it and raising it on a pedestal, he gave it dramatic new life.

Now he is focusing on a new sound sculpture commission. It is, in some ways, a "mashup" of various styles. This as-yet-unnamed piece has the swirling energy and open structure of sculptures like Portal and Cyclone. It also includes found materials like those in his roadrunners from his home & garden line, yet it is a sound sculpture. To learn more about how Kevin built this piece, see the video "How to Use Tack Welding to Keep Your Work Straight," and see the sculpture under way on its own page.

Kevin also is working on a project that he has been "nibbling" on for many months. The untitled aluminum, complex knot is finally coming together. "I'm seeing this as a wall piece," Kevin says. "I'll know more as it develops." See it in its current state on its own page.

He's also has completed a new 3D-printed sculpture, Twin Peaks. "I'm happy with the way it has turned out, but it definitely also has contributed to my 3D printing education," he admits. Kevin expands on this on his latest 3D printing blog post.

You can always see what Kevin is up to in Works in Progress on the Web site - it's updated often.


Nearly every 3D print is a lesson. That's what Kevin is discovering as he works in this fascinating emerging technology. 

3D printing the sculpture Twin Peaks by Kevin CaronIn his most recent posts on his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing" Kevin shares some of the myths he encounters when talking to people about 3D printing. Enjoy them by clicking on the links below: Read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at


  • Hot Lips, a 3D printed fine art sculpture by Kevin CaronNow - August 28 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - The work of seven established and emerging Arizona artists appears in  "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes" at Phoenix's First Studio, 631 N 1st Ave. Hot Lips (right), is one of three of Kevin's sculptures on display in this show.
  • June 19 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - A Third Friday event during "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes" includes a drum circle, 6 - 10 p.m.
  • June 20 (Saturday) - July 24 (Friday), Cincinnati, Ohio - "Art Comes Alive" has its opening night, awards ceremony and gala on June 20. ADC Gallery, 310 Culvert St. 5th Floor
  • June 12 (Friday) - July 24 (Friday), Surprise, Arizona - The juried Southwestern Invitational continues at its second stop in this statewide tour at Art HQ, 16126 N. Civic Center Plaza. Kevin's sculpture Cyclone is part of this show, which travels to four other Arizona cities.
  • July 17 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - A Third Friday event during "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes," 6 - 9 p.m.
  • July 30 (Friday), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - The dedication of Wherever You Go, There You Are at Whitaker Center for Science and  the Arts, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. 225 Market St.
  • August 7 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - A First Friday event during "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes," 6 - 10 p.m.
  • August 28 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - The closing reception for "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes," 6 - 9 p.m.
  • October 4 (Sunday), Phoenix, Arizona - Open Studio at Kevin Caron Studios, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., by appointment only. Contact us at or 602-952-8767 to schedule your visit.
For more information about these events, please visit the Events page.


The AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG welder 2015 edition is now back in stock. If you've been thinking of buying this remarkably powerful yet reasonably priced TIG welder, contact us now to make sure one is yours.

A new friend joins Kevin in his "How to Use a Metal Lathe" video. Even if you have no interest in lathes, you won't want to miss this! Just go to the very end to meet a truly special guest, whom we hope will come back again and again ....

That's among the newest videos on Channel Kevin on YouTube:

Today's Fabrication Tip - Kevin CaronTODAY'S TIP:

Kevin frequently gets questions about what size welder someone will need to do his or her job.

"Whatever you think you need, double it," says Kevin. People often buy a small capacity for, say, welding 20 gauge steel, but then quickly find out that, when they want to weld 1/4" steel, they can't penetrate the metal sufficiently.

"This is one of those 'Do it right the first time' issues," he says. "If you buy twice the welder you think you'll need, chances are you'll be glad you did."


Sound Tree, a sound sculpture by Kevin CaronThe commissioned sound sculpture Sound Tree looks right at home in its Illinois forest setting.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron original. 
A sound, water, site-specific or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace, or that of a special friend.

If you'd like Kevin to create something special for you or a friend, just email or call 602-952-8767 to schedule a
private consultation.
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often.

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