Kevin's monumental sculpture ends up just where it should be; more shows, new videos, and Kevin takes things to a new level in the studio ....
MUSeINGS - News From Artist Kevin Caron
August 2015
The lowdown on installing Wherever You Go makes it worth the wait for this issue: Now news ....


The sculpture Wherever You Go, There You Are being installed at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts - Kevin CaronAfter many months of preparation, Kevin's monumental contemporary art sculpture Wherever You Go, There You Are was installed Tuesday, July 28 in front of Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, its new home. Two days later, the sculpture was unveiled.

After crossing the country on a flatbed semi, the sculpture, which was originally created for a juried exhibition at Pima Community College East Campus in Tucson, Arizona, arrived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Its pedestal, which was commissioned by Whitaker Center, was also delivered and installed as had been meticulously planned.

Thanks to the careful preparation by Kevin and the management and facilities teams at Whitaker Center, the truck reached it destination on time. A crane lifted the pedestal first, then the sculpture itself, into place. "I wondered what people in some of those second story offices must have thought when they saw the sculpture pass their windows," Kevin mused. After everything was in place, the sculpture was covered with a tarp.

Wherever You Go, There You Are monumental sculpture, installed at Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts - Kevin CaronTwo days later, on Thursday, July 30, the sculpture was dedicated. Whitaker Center Board Chair Gary St. Hilaire, President & CEO of Capital BlueCross, introduced Kevin, who spoke briefly about his inspiration and creation of the sculpture (above, right). He was followed by Drs. Michael and Madlyn Hanes, Whitaker Center President and CEO, and Penn State Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses, respectively. Whitaker Center acquired Wherever You Go through the Hanes' generous support.

"Our work at Whitaker Center is most rewarding because we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of thousands of visitors each year through our programs, events and activities in science and the arts," said Dr. Michael Hanes. "Our hope is that this sculpture adds to the experiences of our visitors and that they are drawn again and again to this wonderful place to be enlightened and inspired." Added Dr. Madlyn Hanes: "This sculpture is an enduring reminder of the marriage of science and art. It will draw learners of all ages; it will be a destination to see, to observe geometry at work in a single beautiful art form."

In addition to Whitaker Center board members, staff and patrons, people came from as far as New York, including some of Kevin's YouTube and Facebook friends, for the unveiling. When the tarp was pulled free, the crowd gasped. "It was truly a special moment for me," says Kevin.

After a long, winding journey, the sculpture Wherever You Go, There You Are had finally ended up exactly where it was supposed to be.

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Campfire 3D printed jewelry by Kevin CaronIn addition to being available at Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona, Kevin's jewelry line is now also being sold in Phoenix. "We're really excited that Vision Gallery is carrying the entire line," says Jewelry Project Manager Bonnie Lou Coleman. "We're also delighted that Shemer Art Center is also now carrying selected pieces."

"Vision Gallery has been selling my sculpture for several years now, so the jewelry is a really nice complement," says Kevin. His 3D-printed sculpture has also been exhibited at Shemer Art Center, so again, there is a natural segue to carrying the jewelry. 

As sales venues expand, the jewelry line itself is also growing. "I'm really thrilled about the new designs coming this fall," says Bonnie Lou. Two new designs, each available as both earrings and necklaces, join Kevin's Campfire (shown at left in blue resin), BackFlip, Torus, Sand Dollar and Mobius styles. We'll have photos and more information in the next newsletter.

You can see all the jewelry designs on the Web site. You can order directly by contacting us at or 602-952-8767 or order online right from the Web site - the links take you to our new Square store. "We've been working with Square for more than a year and really like their services," says Bonnie Lou.


Two shows in Arizona continue, while Low Orbit makes a surprise visit to Boston:

"Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes"
This juried show in downtown Phoenix's legendary First Studio displays the work of well-known and emerging artists in the Phoenix area, including Kimberly Harris, Frank Ybarra, Penny Benjamin, Tracey Jenkins, Daren Brubaker and Anthony Eslick. They are exhibiting watercolors, mixed media, acrylic and monoprints.

Street Urchin Twin, a contemporary art sculpture by Kevin CaronKevin's sculptures Hot Lips, CounterSprung and Street Urchin Twin (right) also are featured in the show. "Oddly enough, all three of these sculptures are red," observes Kevin. "I didn't plan that, but they look great, especially with the other artwork they are adjacent to. This is a really nice, cohesive show."

"Collective Minds" also is open during the day because First Studio (which is best known as the former recording studio for Phoenix's beloved "Wallace and Ladmo" children's television show) also houses a number of businesses. It runs through the end of the month, with special evening events on August 7th and the closing reception on August 28th. First Studio is located at 631 N. 1st Ave.

"Southwestern Invitational"
This venerable show opened in Yuma and travels to five other Arizona venues through 2015 and into 2016. Kevin's sculpture Cyclone is included in this exhibit. The second stop on the tour was Surprise's Art HQ, where it was shown from Friday, June 12 through its closing reception on Friday, July 24.

"There was a great turnout for the closing reception," says Kevin, "and we understand that the show attracted the best overall turnout since Art HQ opened." That's impressive, because there is tremendous support for the arts in the West Valley. Next stop for the show is Arizona Prescott College Art Gallery in Prescott, Arizona, September 5 - October 17.

Low Orbit, a fine art sculpture by Kevin Caron"American Society of Interior Designers 2015 Gala"
After an appearance in the "Art Comes Alive" show at ADC Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kevin's sculpture  Low Orbit was selected to appear at the American Society of Interior Designers Gala on Saturday, July 18. The gala at one of the largest art museums in the world, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  "This was quite an honor," says Kevin. ASID serves more than 24,000 members in 48 chapters throughout the United States. Thanks to everyone at ADC Gallery for this opportunity.

Additional events
Dates have also now been set for this year's Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour in north Scottsdale, Arizona, and for the traveling show of "Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art," which runs into 2017.

Read more about these and other events below and on the Web site's Events page.


The water feature Ryder Ripples (below, in One of Your Own?) is now installed and running sweetly outside the Cape Cod Bay side home of a Massachusetts couple. "The installation went really well," says Kevin. "I sure prefer digging in sand compared to Arizona's cement-like caliche soil!" The fountain was the talk of the neighborhood, and the new owners were quick to add landscaping and lighting to highlight the piece. See it installed in its new home.  

Don't miss the official photo of Kevin's reborn sculpture Knot Me in its dynamic new look on its own page.

The commissioned sound sculpture that is a "mashup" of various styles is now completed and installed. Now titled Morrie, in homage to its eel-like form, the sound sculpture has the swirling energy and open structure of sculptures like Portal and Cyclone. It also includes found materials like those in Kevin's roadrunners from his home & garden line. To learn more about how Kevin built this piece, see the video "How to Use Tack Welding to Keep Your Work Straight," and see the sculpture on its own page.

Mondo, a contemporary art sculpture by Kevin CaronAlso completed is a new 3D-printed sculpture that quickly earned the title Swoon. "I'm discovering that 3D printing allows my forms to evolve more quickly," says Kevin. This sculpture grew out of Twin Peaks, another recent 3D-printed sculpture. Swoon also employs the dynamism of red translucent filament, while Twin Peaks was created in purple translucent. "Twin Peaks feel more ominous in both form and color, almost an evil fairy-tale feel," Kevin says. "But light loves that translucent filament in any color." See early photos of Swoon on its own page.

Meanwhile, Kevin is much closer to completing a sculpture that he has been working on for many months. Now titled Labyrinth, the complex aluminum knot, which will be a three-dimensional wall piece, is now completely fabricated. "This sculpture was amazingly difficult to create," Kevin admits. "I'm happy with the way it's turned out, but it certainly challenged me. I love how it projects off the wall, something very different for me." He is still determining its finish. See it in its current state on its own page.

Also on the bench is his largest sculpture yet in his Gordian Accordian, or deconstructed box, series (above, right). Mondo is more than double the size of Sprung, the first sculpture in this series and the next largest. "This amplification required me to entirely rethink fabrication," Kevin says. The sculpture's movement, however, is just as dynamic as that of the smaller sculptures in this series. Kevin is currently pondering the sculpture's finish. "It's a process," he says. See it in its current state on its own page.

Perhaps the most intriguing development in the studio right now, though, is Kevin's foray into creating mobiles. "With my love of balance and tricking the eye, this art form is a natural for me," he says. First Kevin had to figure out exactly how to get the various parts of a mobile to balance. Then he began playing with forms that would look right and catch the lightest breeze. He is working in aluminum thus far and is considering creating some sections of future mobiles in 3D-printed resin. "A mobile has to be light enough so it can move," he explains. With his prototypes behind him, Kevin's first official mobile, aptly named Flight, can now be seen on its own page. Some form adjustments and a finish are in the works.

You can always see what Kevin is up to in Works in Progress on the Web site - it's updated often.


Kevin Caron's addition to his 8-foot-tall 3D printerAs he continues to learn, experiment and create, Kevin shares his experiences and insights about the fascinating technology of 3D printing on his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing."

Kevin's blog posts since the last newsletter range from what he is doing in - and out of - the studio, to what he sees the future bringing. Enjoy them by clicking on the links below: Read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at


  • Cyclone, a contemporary fine art sculpture by Kevin CaronNow - August 28 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - The work of seven established and emerging Arizona artists appears in  "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes" at Phoenix's First Studio, 631 N 1st Ave. Hot Lips, is one of three of Kevin's sculptures on display in this show.
  • August 7 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - A First Friday event during "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes," 6 - 10 p.m. at First Studio
  • August 28 (Friday), Phoenix, Arizona - The closing reception for "Collective Minds: Creative Outcomes," 6 - 9 p.m. at First Studio
  • September 5 (Saturday) - October 17 (Saturday), Prescott, Arizona - The juried Southwestern Invitational makes its third stop in this statewide tour at Prescott College Art Gallery, 16126 N. Civic Center Plaza. Kevin's sculpture Cyclone (above right) is part of this show, which travels to three other Arizona cities.
  • October 4 (Sunday), Phoenix, Arizona - Open Studio at Kevin Caron Studios, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., by appointment only. Contact us at or 602-952-8767 to schedule your visit.
  • November 20 (Friday) - November 22 (Sunday), Scottsdale, Arizona - The Sonoran Arts League's Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour - The first weekend of this 44-studio artist's tour.
  • November 27 (Friday) - November 29 (Sunday, Scottsdale, Arizona - The Sonoran Arts League's Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour - The final weekend of this 44-studio artist's tour.
For more information about these and other upcoming events, please visit the Events page.


The AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG welder 2015 edition is now back in stock. If you've been thinking of buying this remarkably powerful yet reasonably priced TIG welder, contact us now to make sure one is yours.

Kevin covers a broad spectrum of subjects in his latest videos. He also welcomes a couple of guests who just might ask the questions you would ask if you dropped by the studio ....

Here are his newest videos on Channel Kevin on YouTube:

At first, it seems like a great idea to weld without gas. No pesky and dangerous gas bottles, so no refilling and transporting - or running out of gas at just Flux cored welding wirethe wrong moment.

Like many things that seem better than they really are, flux-cored wire (often called "flux core") seems like a great idea. The welding wire is coated in a flux that takes the place of the gas that keeps the surfaces clean while welding. Unfortunately, flux-cored welding "spits" and is much dirtier than solid core wire, which is used with gas. That means there is more clean up, too.

"There are times for flux-cored welding, such as when welding outdoors or in the wind, but I'll take gas over flux-cored any day," says Kevin.


Ryder Ripples, a water feature by Kevin CaronThe commissioned water feature Ryder Ripples looks right at home in its Cape Cod setting.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron original. 
A sound, water or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace, or that of a special friend.

If you'd like Kevin to create something special for you or a friend, just email or call 602-952-8767 to schedule a
private consultation.

He looks forward to hearing from you.
(Photo by Sandra Aska)
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often.

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