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June 2016
A glorious spring has just given way to the intensity of summer in Arizona. In the studio, that means the swamp cooler comes on and the doors have to be opened strategically. Might as well enjoy the cooler as long as the humidity holds off.

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SpaceShot, a sound sculpture by Kevin CaronAs summer kicks in, a lot of Phoenicians can't help but head to the mountains where temperatures are a little more temperate.

One favorite destination for a day trip or an overnight is the historic town of Prescott, Arizona's first capital. Prescott has a classic town square, fondly identified by its historic moniker "Whiskey Row,"where restaurants, shops and galleries now prevail.

In the middle of everything is Van Gogh's Ear, the 13-year-old gallery that began carrying Kevin's work last October. Housed in a historic building on Whiskey Row, the gallery carries the work of more than 70 artists. Says Kevin: "Every time I go there, I see something new."

Often, the work that is new is Kevin's own. "Van Gogh's Ear has been doing a terrific job for me," says Kevin. "It's the relationship every artist hopes for."

Since October, the gallery has sold 11 of Kevin's pieces. Ironically, a couple of them sold to Phoenix residents, who often go to Prescott to look for artwork. Among the sculptures that have sold are the sound sculptures Ding Dong and Riddle Me This, some Cactus Caramias, an ocotillo, a Shitake Agave, a roadrunner and some Sweet Gum Balls. "The rust finish really resonates with people," says Kevin.

He just headed up to Prescott again to deliver more pieces, including a new sound sculpture, SpaceShot (left, above). "I always enjoy going to Prescott," Kevin says. "It's a world away from my everyday studio time. It'd be more fun on my motorcycle, but that'd make it hard to deliver art!"

Van Gogh's Ear is open daily at  156B S. Montezuma St. on Whiskey Row in Prescott. You can reach them at or 928-776-1080.

Elevate AZ article Shifting Gears - Kevin Caron


Elevate AZ, an award-winning publication of National Bank of Arizona, featured Kevin in its latest issue in print and online in the article "Shifting Gears." "It's always interesting to see my career through others' eyes," admits Kevin. "I really enjoyed this article!" The publication has been honored by the American Advertising Federation, the Service Industry Advertising Association and the Hermes Creative Awards.

Artsy Shark, a well-known online arts resource, wove together Kevin's words and work to create a fascinating profile of him. "Interspersing the text and my work created a really cool perspective," says Kevin. Enjoy it here.

Artsy Shark also tapped Kevin to share his views and experiences with 3D printing art in the article "How Artists Are Using 3D Printing." He was one of five artists interviewed. "Other artists are finding fascinating ways to use this technology, too," Kevin says. "You have to be a little crazy to be on the cutting edge, and a lot of artists definitely qualify!"


RainBow, a contemporary water feature - Kevin CaronKevin's striking arched water feature  RainBow (left) is now on its way to its new home, a sculpture and horticultural garden in Bedford, New York. Because the area has cold and snowy winters, Kevin's patron asked for a way to enjoy RainBow visually when the fountain is drained for the season. The solution is chains that screw into the water nozzles, possibly making the water feature even more beautiful when it's not running! See RainBow with and without its winter chains on its own page now.

The sculpture Prickly Passion is also ready to be shipped to the same New York garden. "This was a really fun sculpture to make," Kevin says. Inspired by the opuntia macrocentra prickly pear cactus, the sculpture still takes a little liberty with the dramatic color of the pads themselves, but the flower, which Kevin hand painted, is pretty true to the real plant. "I'm not competing with Mother Nature," says Kevin. "She has powers far beyond mine!" See this crazy, colorful sculpture just before its formal photo.

A large kinetic sculpture in the works - Kevin CaronInspired by Prickly Passion, Kevin also has created another cactus, Paddy. This smaller opuntia is made of solid steel instead of being fabricated from two pieces of metal with an edge. He used a variety of thicknesses of metal to depict the size and age of the pads."I like work that grows more interesting the longer you look at it," Kevin says. Paddy is headed for Van Gogh's Ear gallery, too.

Two new sound sculptures are now ready for new homes. Six-foot-tall SpaceShot (first article, left) has a bell with a distinctive top that helps explain its title. Kevin also created Lil, which is just four and a half feet tall - you can see him working on it in the opening photo. "I've been surprised at the popularity of these smaller sound sculptures," admits Kevin. "I guess it's a way for people to enjoy beautiful tones, even if they don't have a lot of space." You can see - and hear - SpaceShot and Lil on their own pages.

Finally, Kevin is working on a large sculpture (right) that doesn't yet have a title, but it sure has presence. "I haven't even gotten to the stand yet, and it's already more than six feet tall," says Kevin. (His lovely assistant in the photo is 5 feet tall). Watch this sculpture grow on its own page.
You can always see what Kevin is up to in Works in Progress on the Web site - it's updated often.


A large 3D printed sculpture under way - Kevin CaronAs he continues to learn, experiment and create, Kevin shares his experiences and insights about working with the fascinating - and sometimes frustrating - technology of 3D printing in his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing."

Since our last newsletter, Kevin has shared how he has been experimenting with finishes, how other artists are using 3D printing, and the heartbreaking account of a large 3D print failing. "I'd worked out a lot of problems with my Gigante printer," Kevin says, "but I wasn't prepared for this." 

Enjoy these brief posts by clicking on the links below: Read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at


Channel Kevin continues to grow. With more than 9.8 million views and more than 36,000 subscribers, Kevin has created a great community. "Most people don't think of YouTube as social media, but it really is," Kevin says. "My viewers not only ask questions of me, they help each other, too."

Many of his videos answer viewers' questions. "After I did a how-to video about how to TIG weld in tight places, one of my viewers asked about doing the same with MIG welding," Kevin says. "And he asked how to clean up those welds, something you often don't have to do with TIG. I get great ideas for videos from my viewers."

Here are the newest videos on Channel Kevin on YouTube and on Kevin's Web site:

"Many people tell me that they really like my video about grinding the right way. I learned this technique simply because I grind a lot. Nearly every project I do requires some sort of clean up.

I've learned, though, that, when you're done grinding, there's a simple action that really pays off.

"After I finish grinding and before I lift my safety glasses and remove my respirator, I always brush my eyebrows and hair to get rid of any grinder dust. "More dust than I realized was getting into my hair and eyebrows, and if I don't dust it off, it goes right down my shirt. Aargh!

"It's a simple act, but it sure pays off!"
Photo by Sandra Aska


With a busy spring behind him, Kevin looks forward to a more paced summer season.

For locations and maps, please click on the names of the venues for these events:

  • September 1 (Thursday) - October 20 (Thursday), Tifton, Georgia - The traveling show "Second Time Around:" visits the Tifton Museum
  • October 2 (Sunday) - Open Studio at Kevin's studio. Reservations required. 602-952-8767 or
  • November 10 (Thursday) - December 16 (Friday), Scranton, Pennsylvania - The traveling show "Second Time Around" visits the Marywood University Art Galleries
For more information about these and other upcoming events, please visit the Events page.


Riddle Me This, a sound sculpture - Kevin CaronAfter seeing Ding Dong at Van Gogh's Ear, some Prescott, Arizona, patrons recently commissioned a sound sculpture for their home through the gallery. The result was Riddle Me This, shown here at its new home.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron original.  A sound, water or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace or that of a special friend or family member.

If you'd like Kevin to create something special for you or a friend, just schedule a private consultation.

Or if you live out of town, you can call or even send a photograph of the area where you want to see something special.

He looks forward to hearing from you at or 602-952-8767.
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often.

Or join him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+.
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