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April 2017
Sculptor Kevin Caron TIG welding a stainless steel sculpture
Spring has arrived in Arizona, and Kevin is enjoying the cool breezes before the next season arrives - and summer is right around the corner in Phoenix. For now, here's what's happening:   Now news ....


The sculpture 50 Years of Limoncello and the New York art show "The HeART of Italy" were made for each other.

50 Years of Limoncello, a 3D printed fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronLiterally. "I actually created this sculpture for the show," admits Kevin. "It just seemed to capture the spirit of Italy and especially our time there." Kevin first visited Italy for an art workshop with Il Chiostro, which offers art, culture and culinary workshops in Italy and South Africa. The organization sponsored this show, which will be held at the Italian American Museum Gallery in New York July 6 through July 30.

Graphically sharing the evolution of lovers of the tasty Italian liqueur, 50 Years of Limoncello was one of just 50 artworks selected out of 350 submitted for the show. "I love the tart and sweet contrast of the actual drink," says Kevin, who makes his own limoncello at home.

The sculpture also displays some of the strengths of the 3D printing process. The 25" tall sculpture is composed of three parts: Limoncello Prima, Limoncello Mezza and Limoncello Troppa. Each piece is a variation of the same form, and the light that plays through the translucent filament is much like that of the drink.

For more information about the show, please visit the Events page. To see a larger version of the sculpture itself, please visit its page.


With fans from all over the world, Kevin gets many requests to visit his studio. "A lot of people have seen the studio in my videos," he says, "and want to check it out when they are in town on vacation or business." He adds: "They usually say it looks smaller than they expected!"

Open Studio art event - Kevin CaronYour opportunity to see the studio for yourself is coming up Sunday, April 2 when Kevin welcomes visitors from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

It's a great opportunity to see the art he has at the studio, see what he's working on now, and check out his amazing collection of tools. Some people also bring whatever they are working on or take advantage of Kevin's willingness to allow them to try out the equipment. "I love to show people how great TIG welding is," he says.

The next evening, Monday, April 3, Kevin welcomes the Arizona Artist Guild's Sculpture Group to learn how 3D printing works. "I plan to have the Gigante running," Kevin says. Even people who know about 3D printing are often amazed to see this 8-foot-tall 3D printer in action.

To join Kevin for either of these free events, please email us at


16 Entrepreneurs share how they use blogging for business - CEO Blog NationKevin was featured in two new articles, each of which focuses on the inner workings of Kevin's business ....

In its March issue, Phoenix magazine offers author Jackie Dishner's clear yet succinct explanation of how Kevin creates his 3D-printed sculpture in "Art Break: 3D Printing with Kevin Caron," which you can read here.
Online, Kevin's insights kick off CEO Blog Nation's article "16 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Blogging for Business." "My take on the value and use of a blog is a little bit different than most people's," Kevin says. To find out more, read the article.


Like those in many professions, most artists are confronted with times of feast and famine. Currently, Kevin is experiencing a feast of commissions. "It's really gratifying to be able to create these sculptures for people to enjoy," Kevin says.

As-yet-untitled fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronHe has been working on the concepts for many of these projects for a while - bigger projects require more time, thought, preparation and interaction. Frequently patrons find a sculpture on Kevin's site they like, but because he does not make multiples of his fine artwork, that is usually the starting point.

In addition to Simple Planes, which began as one of his 3D-printed designs, Kevin is working on two other sculptures in the studio right now and has four in the queue. One of the other pieces under way - an as-yet-untitled free-standing sculpture (above, right, in process) - is based on his fascination with never-ending shapes, in this case, the Klein bottle. "I'm excited to tackle this form again in a different way than The Only Way Out, which I made seven years ago," he says. You can see Kevin welding the base in the opening photo above. Watch this sculpture develop on its own page.

Dripping Springs, a sculptural fountain - Kevin CaronAlso under way is the replacement for the original "dish fountain," Dripping Springs (at left in an exclusive photo). After more than 10 years, the water sculpture's owner, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort, has commissioned Kevin to recreate this popular piece. "I get comments about it from all over world and have created many versions of it for other patrons," he says.

Kevin also has started on another outdoor sculpture, Desert Dancers (below, in "One of Your Own?") that will mark the first time he has incorporated glass into one of his sculptures. To create the custom glass, he is working with Kokomo Opalescent Glass, the oldest art glass company in the United States. You can see the molds he made for the glass on Desert Dancers' own page.

Also on the books are two more commissions that will join three other of Kevin's sculptures at a New York horticultural and sculpture garden and a sound sculpture for a Minnesota Parkinson's center. Stay tuned to Kevin's Work in progress Web site section to watch them develop!


3D printing brings fossils back from the dead, a 3D printing blog postKevin shares his experiences and insights about working with the fascinating - and sometimes frustrating - technology of 3D printing in his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing."

Since our last newsletter, Kevin has had more fun with filament and welcomed a guest blogger ....

Enjoy these brief posts by clicking on the links below: Read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at


Channel Kevin, Kevin Caron's YouTube channelWith more than 12.2 million views, Kevin's videos continue to reach beyond borders.

Not only does he hear from viewers around the world, he also hears from people who are interested in things other than fabrication and art.

Just recently he got yet another inquiry from a company putting together a reality TV show. The producers are able to watch videos to get an initial idea of how someone might appear on camera. "I've had a couple of such requests," Kevin says. For one, he made it to a second video interview. Kevin speculates: "It might be fun!"

Meanwhile, Kevin keeps adding new videos every week, so be sure to subscribe on YouTube to know what is coming up next.

Here are the videos Kevin has added since our last newsletter:


"This is a great question.

"Sometimes the choice is obvious. For instance, if weight is an issue, aluminum is often a great choice. If durability is important, I might choose Cor-ten weathering steel, or stainless steel, like I'm using for a couple of sculptures I'm working on right now.

Wherever You Go, There You Are, a monumental fine art sculpture - Kevin Caron"A design might dictate metal choice, too. If, say, I'm making a kinetic sculpture that I want to spin in the wind, I want something light, which leads me back to aluminum.

"If I perhaps want something heavy, like the pedestal I built for my sculpture Wherever You Go, There You Are (right), I definitely will go with steel.

"In most cases, by the way, 'steel' means 'mild steel,' which is how the industry specifies what most people would call 'regular steel' as opposed to the stainless or weathering varieties. 

"Often, the decision is dictated by cost, and that can get tricky. I price out every project, so lately I have been turning more to aluminum. After being more expensive than steel for many years, aluminum is now more affordable than steel!

"Aluminum can be a little trickier to weld, although it calls for TIG welding, which is definitely my favorite."

You can ask Kevin your own questions. Just email them to .


Catch Kevin and his work at these exciting events - for locations and maps, click on the names of the venues or visit the Events page:

  • Open Studio - Kevin CaronApril 2 (Sunday), Phoenix, Arizona - Open Studio. Kevin welcomes visitors to his metal-working studio in Phoenix. There is no cost, but reservations are required. For more information, email or call 602-952-8767.
  • April 3 (Monday), Phoenix, Arizona - The Arizona Artists Guild Sculpture Group joins Kevin at his home to see how 3D printing works. Everyone is welcome - please contact us for more information:  602-952-8767 or
  • April 6 (Thursday) to May 25 (Thursday), Escondido, California - The traveling show "Second Time Around" visits the California Center for the Arts.
  • July 6 (Tuesday) to July 30 (Sunday), New York, New York - Kevin's sculpture 50 Years of Limoncello (above right) appears in the show "The HeART of Italy" at the Italian-American Museum Gallery.
For more information about these and other upcoming events as well as maps, please visit the Events page.


Desert Dancers, an outdoor fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronKevin will be creating this 10-foot-wide sculpture, Desert Dancers, which incorporates colored glass, for a Carefree, Arizona, home.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron original.  A sound, water or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace - or that of a special friend or family member.

If you'd like Kevin to create something special for you or a friend, just schedule a private consultation.

Or if you live out of town, just call or send a snapshot of the area where you want to see something special.

Kevin looks forward to hearing from you at or 602-952-8767.
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often.

Or join him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+.
Kevin Caron - 5831 N. 46th Pl. - Phoenix AZ 85018-1236
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"Inspired sculpture for public & private spaces"

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