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November 2017
Inserting the first piece of glass in the sculpture Desert Dancers - Kevin Caron"As 2017 comes to a close, I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season, and the beginning of a fresh, happy new year!"

In this issue, Kevin puts up with a little personal "construction," but there's still plenty going on ....   Now news ....  


Kevin Caron showing his shoulderSometimes the past comes back and bites you in the ... shoulder. At least that's what happened to Kevin recently when an old motorcycle injury demanded attention.

"I actually remember when it happened," he says. Back in the mid-1980s, when he lived west of Phoenix, he was racing his dirt bike through the Arizona desert, as he often did.

This time, though, he missed a turn and landed on his shoulder.

Kevin didn't know until recently that he had broken his collarbone. When bone spurs recently began irritating a tendon, though, it was time to make up for past "sins." He finally had surgery November 2.

"Even though I intend to follow my doctor's instructions explicitly," Kevin says, "I hope to be back in the studio, better than ever, before the end of the year."


Large format 3D-printed sculptures headed for Miami Spectrum - Kevin CaronTwo of Kevin's large format 3D-printed sculptures are headed to Spectrum Miami, a prestigious juried, contemporary art show. Featuring an international slate of artists and galleries, the show runs from December 6–10.

It's part of Miami, Florida's art week, which draws art lovers from around the world for a swirl of art events.

"My sculptures Mount Glacier and Josephine have a great vibe for this show," Kevin says.

The two artworks are being exhibited by Art Design Consultants, of Cincinnati, Ohio. "I've been working with ADC for a couple of years and really appreciate their vision and energy," says Kevin.

"I look forward to hearing more about how the show goes, and what people think of my sculptures. A sale or two would be gravy on top."


Blue BackFlip earrings and necklace - Kevin CaronKevin's 3D-printed jewelry was in the spotlight on "Good Day New York," which aired on Fox 5 in New York City in October. "I love it when people appreciate what this technology can do," says Kevin. "And oh yeah, I really love it when they like my designs!"

Lifestyle expert Charell Star started the segment with Kevin's BackFlip earrings and necklace in a vibrant blue. "They looked fantastic on model Patricia 'Glows' Gene," says Kevin.

See all of Kevin's 3D-printed jewelry to find your favorites!

Also recently released was VoyagePhoenix's feature about Kevin in its November issue. "I always learn something about myself when I'm interviewed," Kevin admits. Enjoy this intriguing interview, which may reveal something about Kevin to you, too.

Install crew for sculpture Desert Dancers - Kevin Caron

After starting the year with 7 commissions, Kevin arrives at the end of the year with just one of them left to complete.

The biggest news actually happened out of the studio with the installation of his massive outdoor sculpture Desert Dancers. Seven feet high and 10 feet wide, this sculpture is composed of 3 sections, which made it easier to install. It is Kevin's first piece to incorporate glass, which had to be installed on site.

Cracked, a kinetic outdoor stainless steel sculpture - Kevin CaronAfter the footer was poured and cured, Kevin and his team, which included Dadra Hunt of dhSeadragon and Kyle Agua of Kyle's Kinetics, installed the structures, then inserted the glass. "It was the first time I saw it completed," says Kevin. Usually he puts together a piece in the studio, then dissembles it, and reinstalls on site. That wasn't possible in this case because of the glass.

"The whole process took about 8 hours," says Kevin. "I couldn't have done it without my team!" You can see Kevin inserting the first piece of glass in the opening photo (above, right), and see the video (below in Video) about bending the metal, which everyone seems to enjoy. Don't miss seeing Desert Dancers completed on its own page.

Meanwhile, BellFlower (below, in "One of Your Own") has arrived in Minnesota. It was commissioned for a center for people dealing with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. This sound sculpture has 3 bells, each of which has 4 tones. It is hand struck to help patients make "large movements," which are helpful for therapy. See BellFlower's official photo and a closeup on its own page.

Now Kevin is focusing intensely on Cracked, a stainless steel kinetic sculpture that incorporates 3 mobius strips, 2 of which are composed of pieced sections and 1 of which is solid. This sculpture is headed for the garden in New York where a number of Kevin's pieces already are installed. "This has been very tricky," says Kevin. "Making 1 mobius is one thing, but nesting 3 of them is quite another, especially when they spin." Kevin has two of the sections connected and spinning. Watch Cracked develop on its own page.

Stay tuned to Kevin's Work in progress Web site section to watch his sculptures come to life.


Kevin Caron and Surprise Councilperson Skip HallKevin shares his experiences and insights about working with the fascinating - and sometimes frustrating - technology of 3D printing in his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing."

In his latest brief blog posts, Kevin shares his adventures in Surprise, Arizona, where he was part of the inaugural "Art & Technology: Tinker Time for all Ages" event on Saturday, Oct. 21.

"People of all ages not only came and learned about technology, they also got to play with it," says Kevin. "I loved talking to everyone about 3D printing and getting them as excited about it as I am."

At left, Kevin shows Surprise Councilperson Skip Hall how a 3D-printed geared cube works.

Enjoy the post now:
"Tinker time for all ages: event turns on young and old"  

You can always read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at, where there are many posts, beginning with the start of Kevin's 3D printing adventures.


Channel Kevin, Kevin Caron's YouTube channelKevin's YouTube channel continues to grow, video by video. "It's amazing to think I have 487 videos on YouTube and my site," says Kevin, shaking his head. "It's amazing what happens when you are simply persistent."

Not that things don't change! Kevin's new feature in which he focuses on some of his artworks has been really well received. His latest in that series is about his unusual kinetic sculpture Moonshine. Another video that people are especially enjoying is ""How to Bend Thick Metal Using a Propane Forge"," in which he shows how he bent the metal for Desert Dancers.

There are also two more videos in his CNC series. "I have one more in this series to go," says Kevin.

Kevin adds new videos every week, so be sure to subscribe on YouTube to know what is coming up next.

Here are the videos Kevin has added since our last newsletter:


Kevin Caron cutting metal"Although working in metal and 3D printing both require thinking in three dimensions and require patience, I do prefer working in metal.

"For one thing, metal is much more forgiving. If I make a mistake creating a 3D-printed sculpture, it's pretty much 'game over.' With metal, I can usually work around it somehow, or even cut out a problem and replace it without anyone even knowing. (That's also one reason I like working with metal more than with wood.)

"Metal sculptures also are likely to last longer, and I can make them larger than I can 3D-printed sculptures - at least for now!

"Of course, 3D printing sculpture also has advantages. Especially in the summer, 3D printing is a lot cooler. Even though my 3D-printed sculptures are much larger than what most artists are currently creating, they are much easier to move than my metal sculptures. I also can make shapes that are extremely difficult or even impossible in metal.

"That being said, I like them both and am lucky enough to be able to do both of these very different types of sculpting." (Photo by Mark Lipczynski)

You can ask Kevin your own questions. Just email them to .


Mount Glacier, a 3D printed contemporary sculpture - Kevin CaronSee Kevin's work at these exciting events - for locations and maps, click on the names of the venues or visit the Events page:

  • December 6 (Wednesday) - December 10 (Sunday), Miami, Florida - Kevin's sculptures Mount Glacier (right) and Josephine will appear in "Spectrum Miami," a major contemporary art show in booth 811.
  • January 5, 2018 (Friday) - February 26, 2018 (Monday), Phoenix, Arizona - "Visual Feasting" features the work of 21 artists as well as the work of local creative chefs. Kevin's sculpture 50 Years of Limoncello will be on display. The opening reception is January 5, 5:30 - 7 p.m.
  • February 10, 2018 (Saturday) - February 11, 2018 (Sunday), Tucson, Arizona - Kevin will be offering some of his 3D-printed jewelry and sculpture at the Tucson Museum of Art. Its gift shop already sells quite a bit of his jewelry! He'll have a 3D printer running at this event.
For more information about these and other upcoming events as well as maps, please visit the Events page.


BellFlower, a sound sculpture - Kevin CaronThis sound sculpture, BellFlower, was commissioned by a center in Minnesota that helps people with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. Kevin worked closely with an art consultant and center to create something special for them.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron original.  A sound, water or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace - or that of a special friend or family member.

If you'd like Kevin to create something special for you or a friend, just schedule a private consultation.

Or if you live out of town, just call or send a snapshot of the area where you want to see something special.

Kevin looks forward to hearing from you at or 602-952-8767.
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often.

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