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MUSeINGS - News From Artist Kevin Caron
January 2018
Artist Kevin Caron working on his kinetic sculpture CrackedHappy new year! We hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season. It was beautiful here in Arizona, and the weather continues to be glorious.

Now that Kevin's shoulder is nearly healed, he's back in the studio and back to work ....   Now news ....  


Visual Feasting art show - openingsDelectable! That word captures the art show "Visual Feasting," now under way at Phoenix's Herberger Theater Gallery. Complementing the food-inspired artwork - including Kevin's own 3D-printed sculpture Limoncello - the Friday, January 5th opening night (right) featured a host of creative chefs sharing their art. "Art takes many forms," agrees Kevin.

While opening night is now just a delicious memory, you can see the work of 21 artists until Monday, February 26. The Herberger Theater Gallery, located at 222 E. Monroe St., is part of Phoenix's downtown theater complex.

Up next is Artexpo Las Vegas at the end of January (28 - 31), where Kevin's 3D-printed, fine art sculptures Mount Glacier and Josephine will appear. "People are looking for new, trendy developments, and 3D-printed sculpture definitely qualifies!" says Kevin.

Kevin also has two events in Tucson on the schedule, including the Kevin Caron Trunk Show at the Tucson Museum of Art February 10 - 11. "This should be really exciting," says Kevin. "The museum sells a lot of my 3D-printed jewelry, and I'll have a 3D printer running at the show, too."

Finally, Kevin is participating in the inaugural Sculpture Tucson show April 6 - 8. Artists will show large and small sculpture, and artist demonstrations are also planned.

For more information including a map see Events below and visit the Events page.


50 Years of Limoncello, a fine art 3D printed sculpture - Kevin CaronLemon is in! And 3D printing, too .... Kevin's "triptych" sculpture 50 Years of Limoncello was just purchased by a patron in Florida. "Some people really 'get' 3D-printed sculpture and love the forms and surface patterns," says Kevin.

"It's always fun to open your email inbox and see 'Congratulations, your artwork just sold'," says Kevin. That's the cheery message Kevin gets from Saatchi Art whenever one of his pieces sells. He has sold several sculptures through this active and prestigious site. 

50 Years of Limoncello, which was shown at the Italian-American Museum Gallery in New York City last year, has brought myriad smiles to people who are familiar with the traditional Italian liqueur. Many a fantastic meal has concluded with this succulent drink that might add a pound or two to a longtime enthusiast.

Kevin is a fan - he actually makes his own limoncello, which many people say is the best they've ever tasted. This version, though, is now someone else's to enjoy ....   

See more of Kevin's 3D-printed sculptures now.


Mutua Largitio (Mutual Spoilage) flagKevin has great relationships with his collectors, gallery owners and fans, but it's his relationship with his wife that recently made news. "It's a perfect 25th anniversary gift!" Kevin says. 

After a quarter of a century, Kevin and Mary are still living and working together happily, in part because of Kevin's "Mutual Spoilage" philosophy. Wall Street Journal writer Elizabeth Bernstein liked it so much, she included it in her Tuesday, January 2 article "The Best Relationship Advice of the Year."

"We've been thrilled with the responses we've gotten from all over the world," says Kevin. "A couple of people have even said they started practicing mutual spoilage themselves!" The concept is to do nice things for your partner without saying a word. For example, Kevin might walk the dog, which Mary usually does.

The philosophy is important and fun enough that they had Julie Bergman of Coyote House design a flag (left) celebrate it. The flag features one of Kevin's favorite forms, the umbilic torus, and the Latin term for "Mutual Spoilage." 

Click here to read the article.


With Desert Dancers installed - with special thanks to Michael DiGiacomo of Copperstate Home Maintenance & Repair who helped with the sculpture's huge footer - Kevin was able to turn his full attention to Cracked, a stainless steel kinetic sculpture (shown above in the opening photo). This sculpture is already in New York, ready to be installed along with a number of Kevin's other sculptures that were created for this private sculpture and horticultural garden. See Cracked's official photo on its own page.

As-yet-untitled fine art sculpture - Kevin Caron(And don't miss the fabulous photo of Desert Dancers lit up for the holidays!)

With these commissions completed, Kevin has turned his attention to some sound sculptures, a piece that was on the back burner for a while and to a new commission. The sound sculptures include the small but mighty Gem, which is just over 4 feet tall. "People just love these sound sculptures," he says. Van Gogh's Ear Gallery now has Gem and 9-foot-tall Sassy - quite a pair!

He also has been working on his first sound sculpture using his CNC cutting table. The result is EyeSing, a sound sculpture with a really unusual look. "I hope this is the first of many innovative designs," says Kevin. "The table creates all sorts of new possibilities by letting me design in CAD." See EyeSing in an unofficial photo on its own page. 

Kevin has also made a lot of progress on an aluminum tabletop sculpture (above) that he started last year. It doesn't yet have a title, but it definitely has energy. "I love the movement in this sculpture," says Kevin. He is currently working on a base for it and thinking about its finish. Watch this sculpture develop.

Finally, he has begun a 12-foot-tall aluminum outdoor sculpture inspired by and titled after the unusual plant called Schubertii (see a rendering below in "One of Your Own"). "I've been working on this design for quite a while," says Kevin. Destined for the sculpture and horticultural garden that features many of Kevin's sculptures, Schubertii will have flowers that spin in the wind. "A lot of my early planning was figuring out how to effectively make them spin," he explains. Watch Schubertii grow on its own page.

Stay tuned to Kevin's Work in progress Web site section to watch his sculptures come to life.


Using 3D Printing for Prototyping free blog post - Kevin CaronKevin shares his experiences and insights about working with the fascinating - and sometimes frustrating - technology of 3D printing in his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing."

In his latest blog posts, Kevin shares how he started out troubleshooting a problem and ended up making other changes, and how he is using 3D printing to help him create a 12-foot-tall sculpture.

Enjoy these posts now:
"The mystery of the 3D print fail" - He may not have figured out what the problem was, but Kevin made some improvements to his 8-foot-tall Cerberus 3D Gigante 3D printer while he was at it ....

"Seeing in 3D – Using 3D printing for prototyping" - This more "traditional" use of 3D printing really comes in handy when creating a sculpture ....
You can always read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at, where there are many posts, beginning with the start of Kevin's 3D printing adventures.


Channel Kevin, Kevin Caron's YouTube channelKevin's YouTube channel continues to grow, video by video, viewer by viewer. His more than 53,400 subscribers and other visitors have viewed his nearly 500 videos more than 14.5 million times. "I realize that's like one Beyonce video, but for do-it-yourself advice like mine, it's not bad," says Kevin.

He's started a new series, too, on how to work alone. "I get a lot of questions about how I do so much as just one person," says Kevin.

Kevin adds new videos every week, so be sure to subscribe on YouTube to know what is coming up next.

Here are the videos Kevin has added since our last newsletter:


"There are some advantages to having an overactive imagination.

Artist Kevin Caron designing a sculpture in CAD"When I'm creating a 'spec' sculpture (one that no one has yet bought), I really just run through the grassy fields of my mind. Often an idea will plant itself, usually in the form of 'I wonder what would happen if I ....'

"Other times, I want to try something new based on a sculpture I've made but partway through thought of a different way to create it. That's how series develop.

"Then there are the sculptures that are inspired by something I see. A good example is the new aluminum sculpture (above in "Under Way in the Studio") I'm working on that grew out of noticing some scraps that had taken on an interesting shape.

"If I've been commissioned to create a sculpture, the process is very different. As I sometimes do with spec pieces, I sit down at my computer and noodle in CAD. With commissions, though, I keep the location, person or purpose in mind to come up with something that hits on all cylinders."

You can ask Kevin your own questions. Just email them to


See Kevin's work at these exciting events - for locations and maps, click on the names of the venues or visit the Events page:

  • Josephine, a fine art 3D printed sculpture - Kevin CaronNow - February 26 (Monday), Phoenix, Arizona - "Visual Feasting" features the work of 21 artists. Kevin's sculpture Limoncello is on display.
  • January 28 (Sunday) - January 31 (Wednesday), Las Vegas, Nevada - Kevin's sculptures Mount Glacier and Josephine (right) will be shown at Artexpo Las Vegas, which brings together retailers, designers and contemporary artists.
  • February 10 (Saturday) - February 11 (Sunday), Tucson, Arizona - Kevin will show some of his latest 3D-printed jewelry and sculpture at the Tucson Museum of Art. Its gift shop already sells a lot of his jewelry! He'll have a 3D printer running at this event.
  • April 6 (Friday) - April 8 (Sunday), Tucson, Arizona - Sculpture Tucson's inaugural event opens the evening of April 6 with speeches from Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and others, food, wine and demonstrations by artists exhibiting large and small sculpture.
For more information about these and other upcoming events as well as maps, visit the Events page.


Schubertii, a monumental kinetic sculpture - Kevin CaronThis is a rendering of Schubertii, the 12-foot-tall sculpture Kevin was commissioned to create for a New York sculpture and horticultural garden. The flowers will spin.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron original. A sound, water or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace - or that of a special friend or family member.

If you'd like Kevin to create something special for you or a friend, just schedule a private consultation.

Or if you live out of town, just call or send a snapshot of the area where you want to see something special.

Kevin looks forward to hearing from you at or 602-952-8767.
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often.

Or join him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+.
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