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MUSeINGS - News From Artist Kevin Caron
August 2018
Kevin Caron strapping down his monumental sculpture Cosmography. Although there are still 2-1/2 months of summer ahead of us here in Arizona, Kevin is as busy as ever ...   Now news ....  


Five15 to the Fifth Art Show Opening at Chartreuse Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona More than 350 people attended the July 6 opening of the "Seventh Annual Five15 to the Fifth" art show at Chartreuse Gallery in Phoenix (left) where Kevin's newest 3D-printed sculpture, luminous Spectre debuted. Photographer and painter Daniel Prendergast, a member of the 10-year-old artist collective, invited Kevin to participate. The show runs through Sunday, August 26 at Five15's home gallery, Chartreuse at 1301 NW Grand Ave. in Phoenix. Kevin will be at the August 3rd and August 17th receptions, which will be held 5 - 10 p.m. Come on by and say hi and, while you're at it, check out the other galleries on these Phoenix art walk evenings.

Its Camelback Mountain view makes Kevin's home an apt destination on the nine-year-old Camelback Studio Tour. "My home is where I create my large format 3D-printed sculptures," Kevin explains. In 2017 the tour featured 20 artists in six studios and, for the first time, included Shemer Art Center. This year Kevin's home studio, which is overlooked by the mountain's Praying Monk rock formation, is on the tour. Of course, there will be new sculpture and jewelry available, and his 8-foot-tall 3D printer will be running. The tour runs Friday, November 2 - Sunday, November 4. Add to your calendar now! Hours and more information are available in the Website Events section.

You can always learn more about upcoming events on the Website.


Cosmography, a contemporary art sculpture - Kevin Caron The largest sculpture in Kevin's Ball and Post series, Cosmography, is now in front of Tempe, Arizona's Sterling 920 Terrace apartment complex. It was purchased and installed late last month. Meanwhile, Square Up, part of Kevin's Gordian Accordian series, has been purchased for a Riverside, California, sculpture garden.  

To complement its new setting, Cosmography, which originally had an oxidized finish as seen in the opening photo, is now a sleek silver hue. "When siting a sculpture and the form is right but the color isn't, I'm not afraid to readdress the finish," says Kevin. Other sculptures on which he changed the finish include Fuego (which was once silver), Mondo (which was orange), and Knot Me (which went from a sedate antique copper to a new mounting and a brilliant red).

Square Up is one of the first sculptures to be placed in the Grand Arbor Sculpture Garden in Riverside, California. Grand Arbor, which began as a private destination with 22 gardens on five acres, a historic home and barn, is now expanding to include sculpture. "I want people to be able to touch the sculptures," says Frank Heyming, Grand Arbor founder. "Square Up definitely fits that description."


7 Items Every Artists Should Have Article - Fupping As we await the appearance of articles about Kevin's work in Phoenix Home & Garden and Luxury Portfolio magazines, you can have fun with Fupping's article "7 Items Every Artist Should Have." 

"Everyone else was very practical," says Kevin. "Leave it to me to be, well, creative ...." See what he had to say and vote for your favorite item at Fupping. 

Kevin is going to be included in an ABC prime time network special about people who have changed their careers midlife. Filming starts next week about Kevin's transition from being a semitruck driver to an artist.

Stay tuned! We don't want you to miss it.


Schubertii, the monumental aluminum sculpture that has been dominating the studio since January, is now back from the powder coater. Kevin has assembled the branches and flowers, and is getting ready for a photo shoot. Commissioned for a private sculpture and horticultural garden in New York that features a number of Kevin's works, the ball and flowers on this outdoor sculpture spin. Check in to see Schubertii grow.

Gyro, a sculptural water feature - Kevin CaronKevin is close to completing two water sculpture commissions. One, which now has its title - Gyro (right, before its final finish) - is headed to a home in Rancho Mirage, California, once owned by the entrepreneur and inventor Robert McCulloch. Best known for his chainsaws, McCulloch also invented the McCulloch J-2 Gyroplane, a hybrid combination of helicopter and airplane. The water sculpture's title is a playful take on the name of the plane, one of many of McCulloch's inventions. See Gyro develop on its own page.

The other water sculpture, now titled Cascade, is part of his popular stacked dish design, which began with Dripping Springs. "I enjoy making variations on this one, too," says Kevin. He is putting the finishing touches on it before both sculptural fountains go for their finishes. See Cascade on its own page.

Kevin also has had a few moments to work on his as-yet-untitled kinetic sculpture. "The interior spinning section has been niggling at me," says Kevin. Check out its Webpage to see the center section take shape. 

Stay tuned to Kevin's Work in progress Website section to watch his sculptures come to life.


A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing free blog - Kevin CaronKevin provides insights into working with the fascinating - and sometimes frustrating - technology of 3D printing in his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing."

Enjoy these blog posts now:
"Combining 3D-printing filaments" - With more types of filament materials hitting the market almost daily, Kevin muses about adding different types together ....

"A rainbow of colors comes to 3D-printing filament" - When Kevin started 3D printing there were just a handful of colors of filament. Now the industry has made a huge leap ....

You can always read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at, where there are many posts, beginning with the start of Kevin's 3D-printing adventures.


Channel Kevin, Kevin Caron's YouTube channelSince Kevin started his YouTube channel a dozen years ago, it continues to grow and expand. "I'm covering a wide spectrum of subjects because that's what I do as a sculptor," he explains. His 525 videos - 33 of which have more than 100,000 views each - cover a broad spectrum of topics, including welding, 3D printing, transporting, and the stories of specific sculptures. 

Kevin adds new videos every week, so be sure to subscribe on YouTube to see the latest.

Here are the videos Kevin has added since our last newsletter:
You can see all of the videos and subscribe to see each video as it comes out on Channel Kevin on YouTube and on Kevin's Web site.

Enjoy Kevin's free videos? Just go to Patreon and see how you can sponsor him - and get some cool Kevin Caron swag, too!

You can also buy your own Kevin Caron T-shirts, caps, stickers, mugs, etc. on his Zazzle page - check it out!


"I have never taken a class on anything that I have done with the exception of what I learned in high school, where I learned basic welding, and the Navy, where I worked on ground support equipment. Other than that, I'm entirely self taught.
Some learnin' - Kevin Caron
"That being said, I study a lot. I have taught myself how to use a couple of different CAD programs, mostly through trial and error and online research. I learned a bit of trigonometry by reading and asking around. I learned how to use my coal forge from a book from the 1800s (it teaches a lot of good technique, but the lessons - mostly for things like making steel wagon wheels - weren't too pertinent).

"I also ask people who know more than I do how to do things - maybe that's one reason I do the videos, to pay it forward. A good example of that was learning how to run my 3D printers. Some of it I figured out through trial and error, but other times I've consulted with gurus who have been kind enough to help me. Whenever I ask for help, I try to learn what I can on my own before asking for help.

"As for the art part, that comes from somewhere inside of me. Fortunately, there seems to be a direct connection to my fingertips.

"So while I've never been to school for anything I do, I definitely believe in studying."

You can ask Kevin your own questions. Just email them to


Spectre, a 3D printed fine art sculpture - Kevin CaronSee Kevin's work at these exciting events - for locations and maps, click on the names of the venues or visit the Events page:

  • Now - August 26 (Sunday), Phoenix, Arizona - Kevin's sculpture Spectre (right) will debut at the "Seventh Annual Five15 to the Fifth" art show at Chartreuse Gallery, 1301 NW Grand Ave. in the heart of Phoenix's art district
  • October 30 (Tuesday), Goodyear, Arizona - Sponsored by the city of Goodyear, Kevin's talk "From Truck Driving to High Tech: Kevin Caron's Curious Journey as a Sculptor" will be held at Goodyear Total Wine & More, 1416 N. Litchfield Rd.
  • November 2 (Friday) - November 4 (Sunday), Phoenix, Arizona - Kevin joins the Camelback Studio Tour in its 9th year as he opens his home at the foot of Camelback Canyon.
For more information about these and any upcoming events as well as maps, visit the Events page.


Rendering of an ocotillo forest - Kevin Caron
Kevin is creating an "oscillating ocotillo forest" for patrons in the greater Washington D.C. area.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron original. A sound, water or free-standing sculpture adds immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace - or that of a special friend or family member.

If you'd like Kevin to create something special for you or a friend, just schedule a private consultation.

If you live out of town, just call or send a snapshot of the area where you want to see something special.

Kevin looks forward to hearing from you at or 602-952-8767.
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often.

Or join him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+.
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