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These photos chronicle the creation of the Bronco Brand Birch, which is being made specially for Karen's Garden at Rancho Santa Fe Elementary School by sculptor Kevin Caron. Enjoy!

Kevin Caron - Forge and flames

Artist Kevin Caron is stirring the coal to get the fire hot.

Kevin Caron - Sssss hot!

Now that the fire is hot, Kevin puts in the square stock. As it gets red hot, he is able to shape, cut and weld it.

Kevin Caron - Forge welding

Here Kevin is shaping and forge-welding a piece into a circle.

Kevin Caron - Cutting

Once a piece of stock is red hot, Kevin can cut it off by putting it on a chisel point (the chisel is secured in the anvil) and striking it with a hammer. He can also not cut it all the way through, creasing it to make it easier to bend at angles (instead of a smooth bend).

Kevin Caron - Cooling things down in the forge

If the fire gets too hot, it burns up the coal too fast. Here Kevin cools down the fire by dipping a can with holes in its bottom in a bucket of water, then dribbling the water on the coal.

Kevin Caron - working from patterns

Kevin keeps copies of students' designs on his work table so he can make sure he is recreating them as faithfully as possible.

Mrs. Schuur stops by

Mrs. Schuur stops by the studio to drop off more brand designs.

We hope you enjoyed these photos. See more forge photos from another project by clicking here.

To see the finished Bronco Brand Birch, click here.