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"You are an absolute legend and an inspiration for all metal fabricators and artist around the globe!"
--Alex Prakhiy, Pacific Laser Arts, Taren Point, Australia

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How to Raise the Sound Sculpture Nucleus

The Voice: Kevin, what are you up to?

Kevin Caron: I'm going to string up this piece of steel sculpture that I'm working on here in the studio. I want to stand it up to be able to see what I have left to weld on it.

The crane is too short, and this particular piece of contemporary art is too heavy to pick up, so were going to string it up.

First I'm going to throw this rope through that hole and then I'll tie it to the top of the artwork. Next I'm going to pick the table all the way up, tie off the rope and pull it off the table.

Oops, that was low and to the outside. Let's try again. I want to make a slipknot so I can just pull on the bottom end and pull all the rope through, rather than have to climb all the way up on top of this massive metal art sculpture to untie it.

Let's run the thing and see what happens. It?s going to pull it up. Pick it up. Once it starts going, it's going! We'll need to tie this off.

Now let's adjust the rope, moving Nucleus carefully and deliberately off the lift. That looks great, just what I was aiming for. Well done.

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