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"Your work is an inspiration to me.... Someday I?ll retire from the railroad and build a shop and create, too."
--David S. Ludlow, Executive Director, Wilmington & Western Railroad, Wilmington, Delaware

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TIG Welding: How to Finetune Your Torch Angle

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: Hi there, I'm just TIG-ing a little. I'm here in the studio working on a new contemporary art sculpture, trying to weld these two pieces of stainless steel back together.

Did you guys know there's an optimum angle at which to hold your welding torch to your work? The best angle is about 90 degrees, to your work.

Whether you're working flat or working vertical or working overhead, try to keep that torch pointing straight down at your work.

Five degrees or so either way is OK, but that helps concentrate the heat down into your metal, giving you better penetration.

You can tip it a little bit as you're moving along, for your direction of travel. Tip it so it's pointing toward the way you're going to help preheat the metal as you're working, but not too much. I'd say about 5 to 10, maybe 15 degrees. No more than that.

And always try to keep it as straight down as you possibly can. That gives you the best penetration.

Back to work!

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