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"Caron's love for sensual shapes helps him mold his beautiful metal sculptures."
--Kellie Huang, The Arizona Republic

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How to Make Welding Rod

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I'm here in the studio playing with the spaghetti. I'm working on this piece of weathering steel for a contemporary art commission, and I wanted to use my TIG welder because it's so much cleaner, but all I have is MIG wire. So, I'm going to make some TIG wire.

You just unspool it off the roll, then stretch it out; grab your handy-dandy cordless drill.

The Voice: Did you double it?

Kevin Caron: Yes. I doubled it over; then I'm going to twist it in the drill.
The reason I don't use a single piece is because it's so thin.

A single strand would be so thin that I'd be feeding it as fast as a MIG welder, just going and going, trying to keep enough wire in there on the weld. And it's so floppy when it's just a single strand that it's harder to keep track of - it's always going every which way.

Now that I've got it twisted up, I can take my little pliers and cut it off. And now I've got little pieces for my TIG welder.

The Voice: So, those are rods for your TIG?

Kevin Caron: Yes. These are basically TIG rods that I made out of MIG wire off the spool, rather than having to run to the store and buy more. I've got the metal cutting equipment.

OK. Back to work. See you next time.

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