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"Your growth continues to amaze and excite me."
--Sandra Aska, artist, Columbus, Ohio

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Welding Health and Safety: The Benefits of Aloe

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. Are you gardening?

Kevin Caron: Yes, sort of. This is something every welder or metal artist should have growing outside of his shop. This is aloe vera, and it's really great for minor burns like we all get. You know: little cuts or something.

It's got some pretty decent antiseptic qualities; it can keep an infection out. If you've got a small little cut, it'll even stop it from bleeding. It'll help it coagulate a little.

All you need to do if you get a little burn is snap off a little piece, and that part of the plant will heal over and it'll just keep growing.

But you see this juice? You can just take this and just rub it right on a burn, right on a cut - as long as it's not too serious - just a little cut. And it'll help things heal. It'll help keep it clean.

Of course, go get proper medical attention if it's bad. But this is a handy little thing to have growing.

The Voice: Does that mean I don't need a first aid kit?

Kevin Caron: No, you've got to have a first aid kit, believe me. I need a first aid kit in my studio. But the aloe plants grow really easy. They're native to this area and grow well in the desert. You can probably grow them up in the northern latitudes if you keep them inside; keep them warm.

It's a great little plant to have around if you weld.

I've got to go back to work on my sculpture. See you later.

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