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"Your work is so creative. From the first piece I saw ... I have been a big fan. It will make us all proud that we will have one of your sculptures in the center of 'Old Avondale'."
--Beverly Moore, Member, Avondale, Arizona, Municipal Arts Committee

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TIG Welding by Phoenix Sculptor Kevin Caron

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I'm playing with my new toy; I mean tool. I'm teaching myself how to TIG weld.

TIG welding is used mostly for stainless steel. It's used for much thinner metals than I'm used to working with for my large outdoor sculptures and public art. So this is going to make my job of making Calyx out of stainless - a thinner metal - a lot easier.

So, that's what I've been doing; just sitting here in the studio playing with scrap metal and teaching myself how to use the TIG welder.

I've got the rest of the pieces cut out here for Calyx, a smaller indoor sculpture, so as soon as I get a little more confident with this welder, I can go ahead and start welding it together.

I've also got a maquette sitting here that I need to weld together so I can take it home and put it in our sculpture niche.

This one is called Three Suns, and this is for a little project we hope to have a commission for in the near future. This will be a large outdoor sculpture (if I can remember how to put it together).

It'll look something like this when completed. But instead of just a single sheet thick, it'll be a box like Calyx is. So, it will stand up to the wind much better.

This is going to go home in my sculpture niche at the house. We've got a little niche lighted from the bottom, so, all polished up like this, the light will shine through it and it ought to look real nice. It'll put a nice look up on the ceiling from the reflection.

I'll weld it all together and then I'll take the torch and blue it. But we'll show you what that looks like next time.

See ya later. Bye.

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