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"Kevin's sculptures are quite striking. I love how he captures both geometric shapes and the fluidity and asymmetry of nature."
--Sara Adams, proprietor of Happy Folding, Oxford, U.K.

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"Painting" Steel With Wax and Patinas

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. Are you taking up painting?

Kevin Caron: Have you ever had a piece of rusty steel and wondered, "What the heck am I going to do with that?" That's what I'm experimenting with today here in the studio as I contemplate a finish for one of my contemporary art sculptures.

I'm not trying to plug their products, but I recently found this stuff from Sculpt Nouveau - it's a wax, and it works on rusty metal or rusty steel.

You can just paint it on and let it dry, then come back and buff it, and you'll get color. Not only do you get color, but it helps in sealing the metal. It helps to protect it from rusting more; helps in protecting metal from the elements. And it's kind of fun to play with, too.

There are all kinds of different colors. As you can see, we've got green, orange and blue, and this is red. Go check the website. There are lots of other colors as well.

This is all you do: paint it on; layer it on. Put on as much as you want, or as little as you want, then let it dry for about half an hour. Come back, buff it out and put a little sealer on it - right over rusty metal, you don't even have to clean it.

It goes on like wax. This isn't quite dry yet so I can't really buff it out.
We'll get back to the wax in a second. This is another product they have; it's a patina - a dye oxide patina, which works on bare steel, whereas other patinas are for brass, bronze or copper.

This actually works with steel, does not cause rust, and you get color out of it. You can sandblast it or grind it. You apply it with a paint brush, and you?re good to go. Let it dry; put a little clear coat over the top of it and seal it up. After you do that you can actually come back with the waxes and put the waxes on over it.

Go to the "Sculpt Nouveau" website and check it out. It's really amazing stuff. I enjoy playing with it; I'm learning more and more about it. Let's see if we can do anything with our piece of metal.

Come here and look on top of the label. There's the information label; or just Google "Ron Young" (the man's name) and you can find it that way.

I need to let that dry a little more, but you can see the red, the green, the orange. Cool stuff. It's fun to play with. Best of all, you're not spraying paint and sniffing fumes or anything like that.

Back to work.

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