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"Your growth continues to amaze and excite me."
--Sandra Aska, artist, Columbus, Ohio

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Plasma Cutting Technique

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I'm just playing around with the plasma cutter. Today I wanted to cut out my logo so I could weld it onto a piece of contemporary art that I'm working on here in the studio. That's what this machine is really good for.

This is the torch on the plasma cutter. Here is the control panel for it. Pretty basic little machine: just an on and off switch, an amperage control (more amps: thicker metal; less amps: smaller, thinner metal.)

There's an indicator light showing you if you've got air. If the tip has gone bad it will throw up an indicator light and shut the machine off.

Air flow: make sure the pressure is right. This is just a regulator to adjust the pressure so you can take air from your compressor or from a bottle and you can adjust the pressure with it so that you have the right pressure coming out of the end of your gun.

It's a pretty basic little machine, really easy to use. It runs on 220 or 110 voltage. Just remember that with 220 it uses less amps. It's a little more economical than to run it on the higher voltage, if you can.

On the back side, you can see it's got a little air filter; a little separator. It'll take any moisture out of the air line. I just run it off the compressed air.

Here's a hookup for the hose from the air compressor, the power cable, that's it - very basic little unit.

There's also a ground, just a regular ground clamp like you?d find on a welder. Just works from the machine, clamp it to your work bench. If you're going to clamp your metal down or put it right to your metal, if you've got a place to clamp it to that, you'll have a complete circuit.

It cuts up to half an inch cuts. It will shear up to three-quarters of an inch. That's a pretty good chunk. It works great on thin metal. Just turn the amperage way down and you can sit there and write with it; cut or carve your name.

It's a great little machine; a great time saver.

Back to work.

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