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"Tack Rack is very useful and creative, and everyone comments on it! It is absolutely perfect for the farm. We use it everyday for hats, scarves and coats. I can tell you put your heart into it."
--Deborah Dawn Shain, Lebanon, Ohio

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How to TIG Weld Vertically

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I had a request the other day on YouTube from a welder who is looking for a vertical bottom-to-top TIG weld. So I thought, what the heck, we'll try it.

We'll use a couple of pieces of eighth-inch steel plate that I got out of the scrap bucket. I've cleaned up the edges; put a little chamfer on, so now I can throw a clamp on it - somewhere in the middle so I can tack it on the top and the bottom.

Now, I'll remove the clamp and we'll run the bead. Get your welding helmet on.

I'm using a TIG welder; my Miller 200, set at 93 amps. I've got straight argon and some good, old-fashioned wire. Let's see what we get. Watch your eyes.

Welding vertically is different than welding any other way. You've got to go a little faster because you're working against gravity. You've got to be a little more careful with how you feed your wire so you don't wind up with a big metal glob. Pay closer attention to your welds. (welding)

Wait till the welder times out; purge the gas out. And there you go. Come on in; take a look. It looks pretty.

And that's it. You've just got to make sure your voltage is right, and make sure your setup is right. You've got to have the clamp - I like to tack it.

As for those of you who are taking classes, I'm not sure how you're instructed how to do it there; whether sometimes you have to clamp it, or sometimes put magnets on it. I don't know; I've never taken one of those classes.

But that's how I do a vertical TIG weld, bottom to top.

See you next time.

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