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"You really did create a great piece in BackFlip, one that is very unique. I really enjoyed helping you out however I could and look forward to working with you in the future."
--Angela Tana, Phoenix, Arizona, designer (who chose BackFlip's color)

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Assembling Abloom with the TIG Welder

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I'm here in the studio working on a metal sculpture called Abloom. This is an indoor sculpture. It goes right inside the entryway. Let me hold it up for you.

This is another one of those slip roller, English wheel kind of sculptures. It has a nice, graceful shape with lots of compound curves and angles in it.

It'll go inside on a wooden shelf with a spotlight on it so I'll polish the stainless steel and apply an oil; oiled it'll shine brightly in the light.

That's what we're doing. We're just playing and having fun creating metal art on a warm Arizona summer day.

The Voice: How hot is it today?

Kevin Caron: The last time I looked at the thermometer it said it was 109 in the work area, even with the cooler running that you can hear in the background.

They were expecting 112, 113 today, so we probably won't work too much longer today. We'll go home and whine about it in the pool with a big, long straw and wait for sundown.

Well, let me get back to my work and my tools so I can finish this one off.

See you next time.

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