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How to Get a Smooth Finish on a Metal Lathe

Voice: Kevin, what are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I'm here in my studio sanding on that other goblet. This is the second aluminum wine goblet for that metal art commission for the customer down in Texas.

You see I finally got it all welded together, with a nice fill in there. I got it all smooth and hollowed out inside, so now comes about a week?s worth of sanding. I'll be working on it with the sandpaper, trying to smooth all that off.

I'm starting out with some 80 grit, then after awhile I'll work up to some 120, then up to some 240, or 300, and just try to sand that all down, getting it all nice and smooth.

This is sandpaper made for working with the metal lathe. After you're all done with your turning and rough shaping, it's time for sanding. Here's 60 grit, 80, 120, 180 and 240, so you can start with a rough piece and work up in grit, getting to a finer and finer grit so you can get all the scratches out, making it nice and smooth.

It's great because it comes in a one-inch wide strip; small enough that you can work with it and shape with it. For whatever kind of piece you're working on, you just tear off a little piece, go to your lathe, and get to work.

It comes in eight-yard containers: one inch by eight yards. There are lots of different sizes; a great little tool to have around.

What do you think?

Voice: I think it looks great.

Kevin Caron: You want to try it?

Voice: Do you have some wine?

Kevin Caron: We'll have to get back to you on that one.

We'll see you all next time. (using lathe)

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