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"What incredibly beautiful work! I want it all. I am always drawn to motion, so the
kinetic and water sculptures are particularly appealing."

--Lynne Donnelly, CST, EFT-Adv,

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How to Space Items Evenly and Easily

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. Are you playing pick-up sticks?

Kevin Caron: Sort of. I'm starting a new contemporary art sculpture here in the studio. This is going to be another Mobius strip.

Here I have my long outside steel rails, and all my inside spacers, which I cut using my plate shear. Now I'm starting to weld them all in there.

So, how will I put them in there? That was my big question. I knew I had to get them spaced out. I know how many it will take to get to the end. I'm going to leave one off so when I bend it all the way back around to the other end, it'll meet up over there, and then the spacing is all correct.

Well, I could come along and measure across here and put a little mark where I want every one of these to be. I can get a square and I can square them up. No, that takes too long.

Spacer, just a little spacer is what's called for. Cut it to the length that you need, minus the width of the two pieces that you're working with. Get your first one square. Get everything straight, square, plumb, true. Put your spacers in; stack them up and away you go. Keep your square handy so you can check them every now and again, just to make sure you're doing right. It works pretty easy that way.

Once I get all of these metal pieces in place and tack weld them, then I proceed to grind it down just a little bit, go over to the slip roll and put my shape in. And hopefully both ends will meet up in the middle where they're supposed to. Give it a little tack weld, and we?re all done.

So, I'm going to fire up the Miller TIG welder over here and I'm going to get back to work. (welding)

It's just that easy.

And now all that I'll need to do is pop up to the next one, get it set, make sure they're together, tacky tacky. Keep on going.

Let me get to work, and I'll see you later.

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