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How to Make Metal Dishes

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I'm cutting metal circles with my plasma cutter. This piece of metal cutting equipment has little training wheels that I can put on it so I can cut my straight lines, but today I'm using the circle cutter.

It's got a little point that goes in the middle of the circle, which allows you to cut out a nice, even, smooth disc or a circle, or cut a hole inside something, without getting the shakes involved in it, or making this billet get tangled up here.

This is what one of the completed discs looks like. You see the little mark right there where the center point goes into. Now I'll just clean these up on the metal grinder and get the little slag off of them.

(using grinder)

Here's a stack of these discs that were cut out with the plasma circle cutter. You can see there are several more to clean up yet, but here are a couple that we can run in the air hammer.

Let me put my ears on. It's really noisy.

What I've been doing is just rounding this over and making a dish out of it. You can see the idea of what I've been doing - just making little dishes out of them. This is going to go on a contemporary art sculpture that I've been working on here in the studio.

There are some more. I'll also have to come in and clean these edges up and get them nice and true. Then I'll weld them into the metal sculpture. That's when I'll make the edges all meet up to the surface of the sculpture itself.

Well, Iíve got a bunch more to do yet, so see you next time.

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