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"BackFlip is sensational! And the red is a dazzling touch. I love seeing Kevin's imagination become tangible."
--Beth Murfee, Washington DC

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Creating the Contemporary Art Sculpture Loaded

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: Well, I've gotten along far enough now on this new metal sculpture that I guess I can tell everybody the name of this one: Loaded.

A lot of folks were looking at my contemporary art sculpture Wild Swiss and they were saying that it looked somewhat like a dice, inspiring me to make one.

So, here it is: two foot by two foot by two foot, and a little warped and twisted like Wild Swiss is. It'll probably end up on a metal post with a bearing in it so it can twirl in the wind.

I was even contemplating making another one and stacking it on top, making it about five, six foot tall altogether. Then you'd have a pair of them to spin in the breeze.

I was just welding in this last little dot. I've got one more side to do. This is the number one side, I've got one more to put right there in the middle, and then I'll have all of my dots in.

Then comes the long, slow process of trying to smooth it all off and get all the little dents and ripples out of it.

Most likely it'll be painted white just like a regular dice, with the little black spots on it. And it will be ready to leave the studio and go to somebody's home.

I'll see you next week. Bye!

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