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"I especially like that you share your how to approach to your own discovery process ...."
--David Searl, artist/architect, Weatherford, Texas

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Making a Contemporary Art Sculpture Spin in the Wind

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: Playing with my new contemporary art sculpture Loaded. For the past few days I've been working on getting the bearing under it so it can sit on this little stand and swivel. But first I had to figure out what was I going to use for a bearing.

This is a shaft that's pressed into this one. You can see it's got a couple of keys in it here to help hold the shaft in, so the shaft is captive. I couldn't just weld it right into the base right here, because it would be weak at that joint and the metal would wind up fluxing all through there.

What I ended up doing was extending the shaft all the way up to the top, then welding a dome top onto that shaft and grinding it smooth so it can rest in this nice, round top up in here, so it's actually supported by the top of the sculpture and the bottom at the same time. It won't have any flex to it, or break any welds.

Next I put the shaft in, weld it all together and make a base for it, then bolt it on. I've done a lot of cleanup work on it over the past few days, so the next step is to take it to the body shop friend of mine, who will do all the little final touches on it, clean it up and get rid of any of the little imperfections. Then he'll spray paint it and the sculpture will be ready for installation.

Time to load it up.

See you next time.

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