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  * Why You Should Read the @#$% Manual
  * How to Stick Weld 1/4" Steel Plate Using the Everlast Power i-MIG 253DPi
  * The Story Behind ... My Gordian Accordian Sculpture Series
  * Should You Use a Lap Joint or a Butt Joint When Welding?
  * Can You Cut Rusty Metal And Paint With A Plasma Cutter?

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"The goal of the makeover of our yard was to ... lift the eyes upward to the big, open sky.... Following Convolution's lines definitely completes that effect.... A lesser sculpture would have fallen short."
--Eric Bohm, Walnut Creek, California

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A Sneak Peek at Kevin's Private Showing

Kevin is about to hold a private showing for his best patrons and supporters at a special location, and is inviting you to preview it and explaining a little about how he built each one .... The first sculpture is 9-foot-tall Sashay, made of weathering steel. The next is Persistence, which is made of railroad spikes. Then he goes inside and talks about Cyclone, a mobius strip made of 1/4" x 1/4" grid. It has lots of movement and casts lots of shadows, like many of Kevin's sculptures. Next is Big Bang, a nickel-plated steel sculpture that is one of his latest "ball-and-post" sculptures, the only one so far that uses curved posts. Then Kevin displays two trefoil knots made of aluminum, MillKnot, which he carved out of solid aluminum on his mill, and its big brother SquareDance, which is fabricated from hollow aluminum box tubing with a little sand in it for stability. Next is Octahedron, made from remains of a sculpture he had dismantled. It teases the light and casts great shadows, too. Copernicus began in Kevin's CAD program, with the help of a little red wine and chocolate. Like many of his other sculptures, it plays with the light and shadows. TwistTie, another railroad spike sculpture that is more flowing than Persistence, has a linseed oil finish over the rust which was sealed with heat. Outside, Echo features a solid mobius that rotates inside of a larger mobius made of the 1/4" x 1/4" grid. And then there is the biggest trefoil knot yet, Knot Me, made of 5" square, 3/8" wall steel tubing with an antiqued copper patina. Like many of Kevin's other sculptures, Square Up likes to dance. Conjunction is a return to the 1/4" x 1/4" grid, but in this one two sections intersect. Kevin then shows Conquest, a fountain made of serpentine stone with copper "vines" that deliver the water to its top. Pandemonious is a privacy screen made of solid and perforated steel - again, more great shadows! Aspire and DNA are two spiral staircase sculptures that narrow as they rise. Monumountous is a privacy screen made of an old conveyor belt - and it has a hidden door! Cosmos is Kevin's largest ball-and-post sculpture yet. Genome Project is a kinetic ball-and-post piece that Kevin built as a shadow sculpture. Finally, he shows Stretch, his first fountain, which has been running since 2002.

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