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  * Are Multiprocess Welders Prone to Failure?
  * How to Cut Metal Using a CNC Plasma Table
  * How to Work Alone: Moving Heavy Metal
  * An Easy Way to Mark Your Metal for a Perfect Cut

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"This has been such a fun process. The neighbors are quite intrigued, and we've had so many complements on [Ahwatukee Falls]. It's great to have such a unique piece right there in the front as you walk up to the hous"
--Roxanne Heiden, Ahwatukee, Arizona

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Installing Monumental Sculpture at the 'Micro/Macro' Art Show

Kevin squeezes two 9-foot-tall sculptures through a 6-foot door as he installs his art show at the Chandler Center for the Arts ....

We follow Kevin from his Phoenix art studio as he transports 25 sculptures to the Chandler Center for the Arts 20 miles away. The crew eases the first 9-foot-tall sculpture, The Runner, which weighs 1,100 pounds, off the trailer and up the long ramp to the gallery's doorway.

They tip it on its side to move it through the double doors and into the gallery. Next is 9-foot-tall Cosmography. They wheel it off the trailer on a hand cart and up the ramp. They tip it on its side and use two dollies in the front and a hand cart in the back as they wriggle the sculpture through the doors, which are slightly narrower than the artwork itself.

Once those monumental sculptures are inside the gallery, the crew transports the smaller sculptures inside. Next they stand up Cosmography, the centerpiece of the show, in the middle of the room. Next they take The Runner off its cart and lower it to the ground in two steps so all of its weight isn't lowered too fast. The show starts coming together, with pedestals in place and sculptures atop them. Then you get the first look at the show. Finally, the show title is installed. Next stop: the opening.

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