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"The goal of the makeover of our yard was to ... lift the eyes upward to the big, open sky.... Following Convolution's lines definitely completes that effect.... A lesser sculpture would have fallen short."
--Eric Bohm, Walnut Creek, California

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Introducing Everlast's New Power I-MIG 140E MIG Welder

Kevin can't wait to start welding with Everlast's new Power I-MIG 140E, but first he gives a tour of the machine.

This little 140 amp MIG welder is about 28 pounds, so you can take it anywhere you want to go - especially because you can just plug it into a 110 outlet. It's also spool gun capable, which means it can weld aluminum.

Its control panel is easy to use. Under its clear plastic protective cover, there's an on-off switch for the spool gun, wire speed and voltage controls, as well as over-current, over-temperature and an on indicator light. That's it!

On the left side of the machine, under the cover is room for a 10-pound spool of wire. The machine is set up for .023 or .030 wire. It has a nice metal drive roller assembly with a spring tensioner and the connectors you need for running flux-core wire.

On the back is the standard on-off switch and the gas connectors, which uses barbs with a hose clamp to connect the gas line. It also comes with its own flowmeter for the gas.

On the front of the machine is a Tweco-compatible gun, which means you can use any Tweco consumables, which you can usually get at your local welding store. Kevin says he doesn't know about the ground clamp, though. He was doing some spot welds at about 18 - 19 volts and the clamp was already getting warm. He's not sure how long it will last.

Inside, the MIG welder is all IGBT technology, the newest you can get. The 110-volt power source means you can plug in the welder almost anywhere. It also has a 5 year warranty and costs just $400!

Finally it's time to make some sparks. Kevin is working on a new sculpture that has 1/2" square hollow tubing at the bottom, middle and top over which he has bent solid 1/4" x 1/4" steel to form his framework. He's using it to apply a 16 gauge metal "skin" to create the sculpture. He needs to tack weld the skin to the frame, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try out the "little guy."

Right away, he likes how quiet the welder is. He runs a couple of beads, which look pretty good.

As much as he likes this little welder, though, he has it on good authority that Everlast is going to release a 250 amp model in a similarly sized case.

To see the sculpture named She, visit its own page.

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