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"We just love [Isadora]. We had a few folks over for a BBQ on Saturday, and she was the star of the show. She simply anchors the backyard. She is also so very, very happy. You can't help but smile ...."
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Introducing Longevity's ForceCut 62i Plasma Cutter

Until now, Kevin has been cutting with Longevity's ForceCut 42i, which is a 40 amp plasma cutter. This machine is a 60 amp plasma cutter. The 42i is rated to 1", while the 62i is rated to 1-3/8", but Kevin has a piece of 1-1/2" steel he's ready to cut with this new plasma cutter.

First, he shows the machine's control panel. It has one knob and one switch. The knob controls the amperage, while the switch can be set to "run" or "set." "Run" obviously is for running the plasma cutter. "Set" allows you to adjust the pressure regulator while air is coming out of the gun. A dial indicates how the pressure is set. There's also a water separator on the back with a discharge valve that you can jiggle to release any water.

The 62i plasma cutter has a nice torch with a trigger guard over the start button and a built-in drag on the nozzle to keep your tip off the metal, which helps keep your hand steady for long cuts.

Now Kevin is ready to see how the 62i actually cuts. He has a piece of 1" steel with a piece of 1/2" steel welded to the top of it.

First he cuts off a section of the 1" metal. "That's about like cutting butter," he says.

Next, he cuts through the 1-1/2" section of his test steel. It takes a little longer to cut it, but the piece doesn't fall when he finishes, even when he takes a hammer to it. He discovers he missed a corner of the steel, so he cuts it again, and the piece of metal falls off. Kevin says it would have cut clean through if he hadn't lifted the torch too soon at the end on his first cut.

If you have a CNC table, the 62i plasma cutter also has a hook-up for it in the front of the machine.

Kevin says the machine is a "big powerful monster." The ForceCut 62i costs about $1,600 right now, which is $100 off the regular price.

Kevin says you'll see more of this plasma cutter in future videos, too

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