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How to Bend Steel With an Acetylene Welding Torch

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: I'm still working on the metal tree, the public art commission for the city of Avondale. I'm trying to straighten out some of my bends, where I bent them with the hydraulic pipe bender.

As you can see, this section is all together. I've only got two sections left to do here before I weld them up and make the trunk solid.

So, I'm still using my Rosebud, still making it hot, bending them and getting the shape just right. I need my spacing just right at the top so I can weld them all together. Then I can fabricate the copper hands, and go to work on the branches themselves, which are going to go in this plate up here. They'll come out the top and that will finish off my tree sculpture.

It's the end February, and we're getting hot and sweaty already.

The Voice: Hey, Michael. What are you doing back there?

Michael: Framing out a chop saw table.

Kevin Caron: Always improving something.

The Voice: Thanks, you guys.

Kevin Caron: See you next time.

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