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"We just love [Isadora]. We had a few folks over for a BBQ on Saturday, and she was the star of the show. She simply anchors the backyard. She is also so very, very happy. You can't help but smile ...."
--Wendy White Ring, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Revealing the Winner of the Scrap Bin Sculpture Contest!

The Crossthreaded team challenged the guys at Pabst Boys Roadhouse to create a sculpture just from material in their scrap bin. There was a little gauntlet throwing, but Kevin didn't see any gauntlets, so he brought his own. Kevin was asked to judge it, and it's time to reveal the winner!

"This will be interesting," says Kevin.

The first sculpture is from Crossthreaded. Jim at Crossthreaded made really good use of the materials he had, not only making the frame and the background to hold the maple leaf based on the one from the Canadian flag as well as a couple of beer can holders for the Pabst Boys, whom Kevin notes, seem to always have a beer can in their hands.

"Nice work!" Kevin says. He especially likes the way Jim left some teeth on the beer can holders as if to say, "You know, Canada, we still have bite here. Don't mess with us!" Nice presentation.

Then the Pabst Boys revealed their sculpture. This sent Kevin to both channels to see what they are doing. Kevin really liked how the Pabst Boys used the materials they had, and he really wants a copy of the plans for the bending jig they used to make the beer mugs.

For their sculpture, the Pabst Boys used their materials well and he liked that the design was funny. The rust patina and bobbleheads were also very inventive.

So which one wins?!

The Pabst Boys' bobbleheads made Kevin laugh and smile, and Crossthreaded's Canadian beer can holder just made him feel good. Based on that, Kevin gives the contest to the Pabst Boys.

To the Pabst Boys, good job! Caron also congratulated Crossthreaded, whose piece was a great second place. "You came in so close," Kevin admits. "I went through a lot of beer trying to figure out which to pick." Very good job!

Kevin is ready to go back to work, so you can check out the videos from both contestants Find Crossthreaded at

Or you may stick around and see him get so excited he needs to drink another beer ...

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