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"We are very happy with our fountain. It looks awesome and fits into the landscape
around it very well."

--Kim Mettenbrink, Park Planner, City of Temple, Parks and Leisure Services

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How to Use a TIG Welder to Clean Up MIG Welds

Kevin is working hard in his welding shop once again answering questions sent by his fans. This question came all the way from the Caribbean.

Bill wondered if he had an ugly looking MIG weld, can he fix it with a TIG welder, or does he have to grind it out and start all over again?

Yes, he can, according to Kevin. Because a primary purpose of a TIG welder is to melt metal, move metal, and push metal around, he shows in this short how-to video how to use those capabilities to clean up an ugly MIG weld. This is particularly helpful in butt joints, where it is hard to grind.

Kevin says that he does this all the time, and especially when welding corners. In this demonstration Kevin is using the Everlast ProMTS 2501 SI, which is a 3 function machine, to walk back and forth across the weld to get the MIG weld hot and flatten out and smooth it.

The Everlast ProMTS 2501 SI does a great job smoothing out the welds.

Kevin says that, although he didnít turn on pulse for this demo, it can help even more because it allows you to use higher heat, which helps smooth the weld even better.

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