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  * Should You Use a Lap Joint or a Butt Joint When Welding?
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"You are an absolute legend and an inspiration for all metal fabricators and artist around the globe!"
--Alex Prakhiy, Pacific Laser Arts, Taren Point, Australia

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A Tour of My Metalworking Studio

The video starts with Kevin standing atop his magic lift table. He's not getting high and mighty, he's just showing how this wonderful worktable can rise to 6 feet and lower to the floor. It's been a really handy piece of equipment for him while creating his sculptures.

But then Kevin goes into the area he thinks everyone wants to see: his toolroom. As he stands in the entrance of the toolroom, you can see a lot of tools behind him. There are welders and plasma cutters from Everlast and AHP and an old Miller Syncrowave.

There's more toolroom, though. Kevin steps back into the original portion of the toolroom - the first part you saw in the video was something he added on. You can see why he had to add on. Things get a little crowded in there!

Kevin shows the old Snap-on toolbox he has had for many, many years. There's another toolbox, too, with tools from his automotive repair days, more welders and plasma cutters, and an AHP TIG welder still in a box he needs to unpack.

There are a lot of tools in this room. Good tools, old tools, tools from Kevin's past when he was a mechanic and when he was doing some woodworking. There are a lot of sentimental tools, too: stuff from his dad and granddad. There are a lot of memories in that toolroom.

So that concludes Kevin's 5-part series of a tour of his studio and the changes he's made since he's been there.

Speaking of changes, Kevin asks you to improve your viewing habits by subscribing to this channel to see new how-to videos every time they're released. You can also visit to see videos AND his wild work.

Well, you might want to stick around to see some silliness behind the scenes ....

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