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"Tack Rack is very useful and creative, and everyone comments on it! It is absolutely perfect for the farm. We use it everyday for hats, scarves and coats. I can tell you put your heart into it."
--Deborah Dawn Shain, Lebanon, Ohio

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How to Coat an Exterior Door with a Linseed Oil Finish

The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?

Kevin Caron: This is that door project I've been working on here in the studio. This is an architectural feature for a remodel on a house.

It's a little over five feet wide and eight feet tall. It's a metal door, and those are the donuts I was making. You can see them in another of my YouTube videos.

Today I'm putting a coat of diluted linseed oil on it: a half and half blend of linseed oil and mineral spirits. This will help soak into the metal, help protect it, stop the rust, and give a nice finish to it.

I'll just coat the entire metal door, let it dry for couple of days, then take it to its new home and install it. Let me get back to work.

So, what do you think? I think it looks pretty good. I wish we could get some sunlight so we could see a little better. That's better. Now I can see a couple of dry spots here and there.

We'll have to let it sit and dry for a few hours; then I'll come back and check it, wipe it down and hit it with one more coat. Maybe I'll dilute it a little farther to 25 percent linseed, 75 percent mineral spirits - a nice, thin coat. We'll see. It will just take a little while to dry.

The Voice: What type of equipment are you using to spray?

Kevin Caron: This machine is just a regular automotive spray gun - a canister gun. It's about twenty dollars at Harbor Freight. Not bad; does a pretty decent job.

Well, let me pay attention over here. See ya.

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